Elite Season 7 Updates: Release date, first look, plot, cast and more

Elite Season 7 Release date revealed!
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Attention Elitists! School will be back in session!

When? Keep reading to find out. 

And we are back with the snobbish Spanish elites of Las Encinas as they continue marinating in various spicy mysteries, scandalous romantic rendevous, and a scourge of raw teenage tantrums for a seventh season. Amidst bleak and unfortunate circumstances that have gripped the Hollywood entertainment industry and with some of our most-awaited series being held at hiatus point, a release date for Elite Season 7 is a welcome benediction.

Premiering on Netflix in 2018, the series was met with critical acclaim. At the time, Variety‘s Caroline Framke hailed the series as “tantalizing and whipsmart,” writing: “’Élite’ does indeed include countless teen show clichés, but it also relishes the opportunity to dig a bit deeper and twist them into more interesting shapes. It interrogates the very tropes it indulges by finding new gears in old plot engines. And with the addition of a smart flashback structure keeping its central murder mystery afloat, Darío Madrona and Carlos Montero’s drama quickly proves addictive enough that it’s hard to stop watching before the end of its eight-episode conclusion.” Looks like greenlighting the series for progressive seasons has not been in vain for the streamer giant.

So now, the main query lingers: When will Elite Season 7 finally arrive on Netflix?

We have gathered all important updates related to the release date, new entries to the cast, and what Season 7 of the teen dramedy will feature. So continue reading!

Elite Season 7 Release Date: What Is The Final Revealed Release Date?

It is happening. Ever since its renewal announcement ahead of the Season 6 premiere, frantic fans have been grappling to find even a single shred of evidence or update on when Season 7 will arrive.

Elite Season 7 is set to arrive soon, so mark your calendars because you are going to want to call in sick from work, grab a bucket of wings, and binge through the entire Season in one sitting.

October 20th! I repeat, October 20th is the date Elite Season 7 will reach us on Netflix. Here is an official date announcement video released by none other than the giant streamer itself, so check it out:

Elite: Season 7 | Date Announcement | Netflix

Elite Season 7 Cast: Who Will Reprise Their Roles?

Elite Season 7 expects the following cast members to reprise their respective roles:

  • Omar Ayuso as Omar Shanaa (confirmed)
  • Nadia Al Saidi as Sonia (confirmed)
  • Valentina Zenere as Isadora
  • André Lamoglia as Iván
  • Álvaro de Juana as Dídac
  • Carmen Arrufat as Sara
  • Ana Bokesa as Rocío
  • Alex Pastrana as Raúl
  • Ander Puig as Nico
  • Adam Nourou as Bilal

In addition to the above-mentioned names, the confirmed new faces announced on October 25th, 2022, are as follows:

  • Mirela Balic
  • Gleb Abrosimov
  • Fernando Líndez
  • Alejandro Albarracín
  • Iván Mendes
  • Maribel Verdú

Not only that, but on February 23rd, Argentine actor Leo Sbaraglia is confirmed to play Isadora’s father in the seventh season. And very recently, on March 9th, Netflix announced that the famous Brazilian singer Anitta would also join the cast for season 7. She will play “Girl from Rio.” Check out the announcement of her addition to the group!

On the flip side, here are a few characters who are unfortunately not joining us for the upcoming season:

  • Carla Díaz (Ari)
  • Martina Caridd (Mencía)
  • Manu Ríos (Patrick)
  • Diego Martín (Benjamín)

If you recall, the Blanco-Commerford family is shown moving far away from Las Encinas in the season 6 finale.

Élite Season 7 was created by Carlos Montero (The Mess You Leave Behind, Physics or Chemistry) and Jamie Vaca (Cable Girls, A Different View). Season 7’s episodes will be directed by Lino Escalera (High Seas), Menna Fité (Welcome to Eden), Roger Gual (Fanático) and Ana Vázquez (Zorras).

Elite Season 7 Netflix: The Streamer Giant Released A First Look From The New Season

Elite Season 7: Everything we know so far
Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

*Spoiler Alert*

Upon the arrival of a brand-new season comes the consecutive stream of new updates that lures anticipated viewers into the world of titbits and updates as the premiere date etches closer. The most exciting part of it all? The First Looks of the Season.

Similarly, Netflix released the first looks from the new season. Check it out:

Looks like a lot of drama and scandal await us for Season 7.

Elite Season 7 Plot: What To Expect?

Elite Season 7

Like every other Season since its inception in 2018, the hit Spanish series has honey-trapped us into its riveting mystery plotlines, twists, and turns that we never see coming and keep us at the edge of our seats throughout the entire seasons. Season 7 will not prove to be any different, especially because of the massive cliffhanger Season 6 finale left us with, so buckle up.

For those unversed, Elite revolves around the lives of the students who are a part of one of the most exclusive private schools in Spain, Las Encinas. Sticking true to the adage, ‘Money does not buy happiness’, the students’ lives, despite the abundance of wealth and power, abound murder, lies, and betrayal discovered by the arrival of new students.

Elite Season 7 is expected to let loose the focus on Ari, Menica, and Patrick since they have left Madrid. Season 7’s main premise from the inception of its first episode is likely to focus on the drive-by shooting incident, where it was not revealed who survived and who didn’t. Also, the story will continue from the aftermath of Ivan’s hit-and-run case, along with a premeditated focus on Isadora and Didac’s new relationship.

Another common theme Season 7 might pick up on is mental health, partly due to the events that unfolded in Season 6 and mostly due to the current global spotlight on the cause of mental health for teenagers and dealing with the consequences of neglecting it.

From what we could decipher from Balić, Abrosimov, and Bokesa — in between all the [Tudum] bleeps — is that a lot of new people come in this season [like Abrosimov and Balić]. But as for who they hook up with? “That’s [Tudum].” Balić does suggest that “my character should go to therapy.” And Abrosimov’s, too. “We could go together,” she says. And Bokesa reminds us that, “We also go to class. Sometimes.” Easy to forget on Élite.

In other news, to understand where Elite Season 7 might pick up from, here is an episode list for Elite Season 6:

S6.E1 ∙ Ansiedad
November 18, 2022
Ari, Mencía, and Patrick return to school, determined not to let their family’s baggage weigh them down. Isa’s new club opens with a big first night.

S6.E2 ∙ Selfis
November 18, 2022
After a new development in Isa’s case against her rapists, everyone has an opinion. Ari asks Nico out for a drink. Patrick makes a sacrifice.

S6.E3 ∙ Desnudos
November 18, 2022
Isa’s friends rally round – and strip down – to support her. Rocío practices a new talent. Mencía starts to wonder about Sara and Raúl’s relationship.

S6.E4 ∙ Guerra
November 18, 2022
The crew turns out for Cruz’s championship football match, where controversy leads to chaos – and then shocking violence. Sara makes a painful decision.

S6.E5 ∙ Duelo
November 18, 2022
Javi plants an idea in Isa’s head that she can’t shake, while Patrick struggles to help Iván process a loss. Raúl isn’t ready to let go of Saraul.Goals.

S6.E6 ∙ Tina
November 18, 2022
Iván seeks emotional release, Sara slips back into old routines, and Ari goes looking for closure. When Isa proposes a collaboration, Nico has doubts.

S6.E7 ∙ Máscaras
November 18, 2022
A Venetian Carnival night at Isadora House shows Isa a new side of Dídac and puts the students of Las Encinas on a collision course toward heartbreak.

S6.E8 ∙ Separación
November 18, 2022
Still reeling from the night before, Ari takes on the heavy responsibility of protecting her siblings. Hugo’s past actions finally catch up with him.

Additionally, although there is no official synopsis or episode count revelation for Elite Season 7, we can expect it to follow suit of its previous Seasons and contain eight episodes. Moreover, to refresh your memory, you can catch up on Elite Seasons 1-6, streaming only on Netflix. All you require is a subscription, and the streamer giant has a ton of options you can surf through.

Elite Season 7 Official Trailer: Is It Out Yet?

While the premiere date for Season 7 has been announced, the official trailer for the same has not reached us yet. Given that it is in October, and we are still in the month of August, you can expect to get your hands on the official trailer by September. On our part, we will deliver it as soon as it is out.

In the meantime, check out the official trailer for Elite Season 6 instead:

Elite: Season 6 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Elite Season 7: Is It The Final One?

Elite Season 6 is not coming to Netflix in 2022
Credit: Netflix

Fortunately no! Elite will be officially renewed again for Season 8, probably before Season 7 even releases or a month after that.

Netflix‘s “Elite” is officially getting an eighth season.

The streamer announced on Wednesday morning that production on Season 8 will commence in August. Episodes for the upcoming season will be directed by Daniel Barone, Ginesta Guindal, Jota Linares and Elena Trapé. New characters will include Ane Rot (“Killer Book Club”) and Nuno Gallego (“UPA Next”). Mina el Hammani will also return to the series to reprise her role of Nadia.

“Elite,” created by Carlos Montero and Jaime Vaca, is Netflix Spain’s longest-running fictional series. (via Variety)

So, the chapter is not over yet.

For more updates on Elite, stay tuned to Web News Observer and turn on your post notifications so you never miss out on an update.