Emily in Paris: Costume designer breaks down Lily Collins fashion as Emily Cooper in Season 4

Emily in Paris: Costume designer breaks down Lily Collins fashion as Emily Cooper in Season 4
Credit: Netflix

Emily once said, “Without Basic B****es Like Me, You Wouldn’t Be Fashionable,” and we couldn’t agree with her more!   

The process of designing the costumes for any popular character requires a lot of dedication, which is nothing short of pure art that should perfectly capture the essence, as the designers want to exhibit all the traits on the screen without even speaking any dialogue.

With the premiere of Emily in Paris on Netflix, there is absolutely no doubt Lily Collins, who plays the drama’s title role, Emily Cooper, has become something of a fashionista with incredible attire that surely drew the attention of many viewers from the first three seasons. 

As the fans are awaiting updates about the highly anticipated fourth season, along with her character’s wardrobe, which has once again garnered significant attention from fashion enthusiasts and fans alike.

Emily in Paris: Costume designer breaks down Lily Collins fashion as Emily Cooper in Season 4

The viewers want to get some insight into what they can expect from Emily Cooper’s costumes in the new season, which are usually carefully curated to reflect her vibrant personality and the glamorous world of Parisian fashion, showcasing a mix of trendy pieces, bold colors, and unique accessories that effortlessly capture every fashion lover’s dreams.

Even though the production of Emily in Paris Season 4 is yet to commence, the new report by Page Six Style gives some insight into Emily’s closet, which will certainly be filled with fresh looks that will leave the viewers stunned for more! To everyone’s joy, Costume designer Marylin Fitoussi opened up about what the team has been planning to design,

“It’s always challenging to reinvent,” she told the outlet while discussing Dharma and Paramount Global’s “Paris by Emily” trip.

Fitoussi also stated, “I’m looking at many, many shows and meeting a lot of young designers.” Further explaining, “It’s another way of thinking of fashion and seeing Paris, [while] also giving this freedom to think outside of the box and mix everything,” as Fitoussi thinks the audience “understood it before fashion magazines did.”

Emily in Paris: Costume designer breaks down Lily Collins fashion as Emily Cooper in Season 4

To address the launch of the five-day group getaway trip “Paris by Emily,” which is inspired by Emily’s adventures and hosted by “Perfect Match” star Ines Tazi, Fitoussi adds: “This is the kind of tour I would like to experience. I’m a fan also.”

Fitoussi also advises travelers to fill their baggage with imaginative selections, just as Emily avoids apparel “any tour guide says we need,” such as trench coats and striped T-shirts, which will be unique to enhance the overall look of the outfit. 

“I think that is the rule No. 1: Life is too short to wear boring clothes, so come with your own style and pack colorful clothes and don’t try to look Parisian,” she later said.

While it’s good to know that the fashion in the new season will be up to par with the prior seasons, let’s get some clarification on when Emily in Paris Season 4 will premiere on Netflix.

It was previously reported that filming for the fourth season has been delayed due to a writer’s strike. As a result, the premiere of the fourth season has been postponed, making one thing certain: this romantic comedy-drama television series created by Darren Star won’t be returning to Netflix with all the new episodes in 2023!

Due to these unforeseen circumstances, there is a chance the creators might aim for the show’s return sometime around 2024 instead of a late 2023 release on Netflix. 

Emily in Paris: Costume designer breaks down Lily Collins fashion as Emily Cooper in Season 4

One of the other main reasons for this release window is that post-production also needs time to complete the editing, which can take up to several months due to the additional workload. Of course, this is all conjecture, and the network will confirm these details in the coming months once the production wraps up on time.

In order to receive updates on when the show premieres, interested viewers can also enable notifications. On the other hand, the episodes are expected to have the same time slot of 2:00 a.m. (PT) or 3:00 a.m. (ET), with every new episode dropping on the same day. We’ll just have to wait and keep what more updates the crew will be providing in the near future. 

Last but not least, Lily Collins also confirmed Emily would be heading to a different place in the fourth season!

A visit to another iconic European city is finally happening in the next season. “We have more fun, more fashion, and, of course, more drama in store,” she said. Further hinting: “While Emily’s heart will always remain true to Paris, her life takes some unexpected twists this season. Don’t be surprised to find her on a Roman holiday.”

Take a look at the official Emily in Paris Season 4 announcement clip as shared on Netflix’s YouTube channel below:

Emily in Paris | Season 4 Announcement | Netflix

Catch up on the previous seasons, and let us know what you think the potential release date for Emily in Paris Season 4 will be in the comment section below.