Everything you need to know about Selling Sunset Season 8

Selling Sunset Season 7 official premiere date revealed by Netflix

Will the Barbies of Oppenheimer take over the real estate macrocosm on Netflix for an eighth season? 

What is the verdict? Keep reading to find out! 

With exaggerated drama, exorbitant paychecks, manicured nails, and some millions of feuds later, will the real estate broker Barbies return for another Season on Netflix since Season 7 left us with some uncontested questions? As of this writing, a formal confirmation for a seasonal renewal of Selling Sunset Season 8 has not reached a consensus. Two reasons play a central role in this verdict.

The number one reason is that it has been merely a few hours since Season 7 of Selling Sunset captured Netflix screens on November 3rd, making it too soon a time period to determine whether a future Season is in the books. Secondly, the wait for a possible Season 8 renewal might be prolonged until the end of November since the giant streamer usually resurrects new seasons of a show after analyzing its reception by the audience.

The audience reception is something the Selling franchise has never had to dwell upon, given the magnetic pull of drama, opulence, and bad decisions that embody the series, making for binge-worthy reality TV content. So, given the widespread reception, what’s the verdict on a possible Season 8? Let’s find out.

Is Selling Sunset Season 8 Happening?

Selling Sunset Season 7 official premiere date revealed by Netflix

The verdict on that is still pending, given the negligible time lapse since its premiere on November 3, 2023, on Netflix. Seasons 6 and 7 were simultaneously renewed in June 2022, following a double-season renewal tradition that the show has been following over the four years. Consequently, they also film the two seasons together on top of renewing them, and with Season 7 out, we expect a renewal message soon.

Another intriguing update highlights a reunion date for Selling Sunset Season 7, which will air on Netflix on November 16, 2023, to skim over the events that unraveled in the season, giving the audience more momentum to derive whether a Season 8 is on the books. If so, we can expect Netflix to announce a renewal by the end of this month.

If renewed, when can we expect the next Season to arrive?

Selling Sunset Season 8 Release: When Can We Expect It?

Selling Sunset Season 7: Here’s everything we know so far
Credits: Netflix

The following prediction is not a cemented reality. It is a mere prediction set upon the foundation of past trajectories followed by the earlier seasons, the time taken to film, and the environment-surrounding consequences that affect the arrival of new Seasons. We can solemnly put behind the SAG AFTRA and WGA situation, which never sent reality TV shows into hiatus, but only scripted ones, allowing Selling Sunset to release its Seasons 6 and 7 amidst the strikes.

Given that a November Season 8 renewal is in the books, it typically takes around three months to film a season following past references. Include the time taken for post-production and final touches. We can expect a brand new Season of Selling Sunset on Netflix by March 2024. Whether the streamer will send off a double-season renewal like the last one or if it will be a single renewal can only be determined through patience and waiting.

We advise fans to keep a close tab on the social media accounts of the real estate brokers of the Oppenheim Group, as well as the official handles of the show.

Selling Sunset Season 8 Cast: Who Will Join And Who Will Not?

Selling Sunset Season 7 Latest Updates: Everything we know so far about the reality television series
Credit: Netflix

Given that the Selling franchise is a real estate broker show, disputes are a common theme, along with staying on top of the game, so a revolving cast door should not come off as a big surprise. Concurring to the members who will show up for Season 8 as far as we can speculate, since no formal announcements have been made yet, here is a list:

• Jason Oppenheim

• Brett Oppenheim

• Mary Fitzgerald

• Chrishell Stause

• Amanza Smith

• Emma Hernan

• Chelsea Lazkani

• Bre Tiesi

• Nicole Young

It’s unclear whether Heather Rae El Moussa will appear in future episodes of Selling Sunset, given that her role was seriously cut down in Season 7 owing to her maternity leave from the show. A March 2023 interview with E! News (via People) revealed Moussa’s concern over her disputed return to the show, where she exclaimed, “Season seven is filming right now, but I’ve been off maternity leave and I’ve been excited to get back to work, and so far I have not been called back,” adding, “It’s been a little frustrating. So [I’m] not sure what’s been going on.”

Mary Lou
Credit: Netflix

Jason Oppenheim’s new girlfriend, model Marie-Lou Nurk, is a question mark at this point, given that the pair split up this year itself. Not to mention her feud with Jason’s ex and broker Barbie Chrishell Stause which stirred the drama pot into a frothy mixture. (*Spoiler Alert*)During an incredibly tense lunch, Nurk argued that Stause didn’t like her and said Stause should have made more of an effort to become her friend. For her part, Stause stood her ground, stating that she’d been incredibly civil with Nurk and that she wasn’t required to force a close friendship where there wasn’t one. Jason was even looped into the cringy conversation via a phone call, during which he repeatedly questioned whether he needed to be on the line.

Another disputed return has to be that of Bre Tiesi, and here is why. Following a face-off with real estate broker Cassandra Dawn, Tiesi left the scene, dismantling her microphone in the process. Prior to the party, she also had a frank conversation with Jason Oppenheim, questioning the percentage split the brokerage took from its agents. When Jason refused to improve upon the percentage, Tiesi hinted she might leave to work somewhere else. Regarding a rumored feud, she exclaimed to Pop Sugar in an interview, “You would think that we were in a world of people being more accepting, but we’re not,” adding, “At the end of the day, this is my child. He will eventually see that and see that narrative, and I think it’s just really distasteful.”

She even told US Weekly, “As a grown-up, I don’t care if you like me or not,” adding, “If you don’t like me, I don’t care to make you like me. You’re welcome to your opinion and that’s fine.”

Since the renewal for the new season has not been announced yet, there may be more additions and deductions from the OG, which we will update here once we come across them.

What Will Season 8 Of Selling Sunset Be About?

Selling Sunset Season 7 is not coming to Netflix in June 2023

The structure of the TV show pretty much remains constant throughout the seasons. Real estate brokers who sell jaw-dropping exorbitant properties give us a pour of the rich-tasting lifestyle, some scandalous romances, and several instances where things seem to get catty! For those unversed, Selling Sunset underscores real-estate agents who belong to Oppenheim Group, which is run by brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim. The siblings hire beautiful and ambitious women as high-end real estate agents whose main job is to sell luxury properties in Los Angeles. The core faces include former soap opera star Chrishell Stause, bubbly blonde Heather El Moussa, and the series villain Christine Quinn(she won’t be returning this season).

Season 7 jolted a few shocks into us with Chrishell Stause’s drama with Jason Oppenheim’s new girlfriend, Marie-Lou Nurk, to the Oppenheim Group’s big move to a new office in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and if all things go well, we may be looking at another potential spinoff, Selling Cabo! We want to know what you think Season 8 might entail. Use the comment section to enlighten us.

While we await a potential Season 8, you can watch Seasons 1 through 7 exclusively on Netflix, provided you have a subscription plan.