Evil Dead Rise: What we know so far

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“Mommy loves you to Death.”

Nothing gives us more chill than a possessed mother on a mission to kill her children. Evil Dead Rise is exactly what we need! After ten years when the last Evil Dead got aired, the franchise is back with another masterpiece. Horror fans are already crawling every piece of information available on the Internet.

One of the most popular questions buzzing around is what we know about the Evil Dead Rise till now. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we’ll provide pieces of info regarding upcoming horror movies. 

Evil Dead Rise Release date & trailer:

The upcoming American horror film has our support to an extreme extent. We’ll give everything in the world to watch someone find the Necronomicon book and be curious enough to open it. The book is the reason behind evil possession and tragic deaths. Another mind-blowing question is, ‘how come that book stumbled into an LA apartment?’ We’ll be able to see what’s happening inside the apartment on April 12, 2023

In the trailer, we witnessed a single mother raising her three kids while her sister is visiting. In the first scene, we saw, how she stumbles in the apartment, turns on the stove, and starts throwing eggs into the Pan. While her sister feeling suspicious asks her casually,” What’s up, sis?” in response, her possessed sister says in a distorted voice,” I had a wonderful dream it was a perfect day. Here, all I could think about was how much I wanted to cut you all open and then climb inside your body. So that we could stay one happy family.” Serial killer alert or evil spirit alert! 

Cast of The Evil Dead Rise:

While we can’t wait till April 21, 2023, to watch that 97 wonderfully horrifying minutes of a movie. We can appreciate the outstanding performance of the cast. Who would have thought we can get goosebumps from someone acting only in a trailer? Imagine how much kick we’ll get after watching the movie. Before, we start discussing the theme. Let’s get to know who’s playing which character. 

What we know about Evil Dead Rise till now?

  • Lily Sullivan, an Australian actress known for her role in Picnic At Hanging Rock & Mental, is playing Beth, the sister. 
  • Alyssa Sutherland, a famous Australian actress, and model is known for her role in Vikings is playing the possessed mother, Ellie.

Those are two known characters, while other cast members’ characters’ depth is still needed to wander like: Gabrielle Echols as Bridge, Tail Wano as Scott, Morgan Davies as Danny, Mia Challis as Jessica, Nell Fisher as Kassie & Jayden Daniels as Gabriel. 

Expected Plot of Evil Dead Rise:

One of the most comeback questions to what we know about Evil Dead Rise till now is who’s going to survive Because, from the looks of the trailer, it’s just a matter of time before Ellie rips everyone’s skull apart from their bodies. But isn’t her wish to cut them open & climb inside their body, so they stay as one happy family? It’s frightening how she focused on cutting part and forgot all about the happy one.

What we know about Evil Dead Rise till now?

We saw in the trailer how Beth is trying to save everyone, In one scene, we witnessed blood-drenched Beth and Kassie speeding the car. Maybe, they made it out, but that’s never possible in the Evil dead franchise, right? Violence & blood go hand in hand with Evil Dead franchises while killing in the most painful and disturbing is their tagline. After watching the trailer, we know that Evil Dead Rise is going to stand up to its expectation. Until then, promise not to bring any suspicious books or toys at home.