Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2: All you need to know

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2
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We have some exciting news to share with fans of the blockbuster K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo became one of Netflix’s most popular programs in 2022, becoming one of the most popular Korean TV exports of all time. Although the series is officially a Netflix original, it is solely released through Netflix. The show is an ENA production by ASTORY.

The lovely show follows Woo Young Woo (Park Eun-bin), a 27-year-old recent law graduate who deals with life on the autism spectrum and dispels myths about autistic individuals lacking “social skills” and “emotional intelligence.” If you’ve seen the first 16 episodes, we’re sure you’re captivated and eager for more. Fans of the famous weekly K-drama can now celebrate since the series will return for another season, however, it appears we will have to wait a little longer.

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Is Extraordinary Attorney Woo renewed for season 2?

Season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo is in the works, as reported by NME. We don’t have many specifics regarding the next season yet, but it has been verified that it is in the works, which means it will most likely be accessible to stream on Netflix when it airs in South Korea. Due to the popularity of the first season, Lee Sang-Baek, the CEO of the network ASTORY, said in 2022 that there are ideas for a second season of the gripping drama, but we are going to have to wait until 2024 to see it.

Who might be cast for Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2?

Fans are hoping to see the following actors return to the screens:

  • Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo
  • Kang Tae Oh as Lee Joon Ho
  • Kang Ki Young as Jung Myung Seok
  • Jeon Bae Soo as Wo Gwang Ho
  • Baek Ji Won as Han Seon Young
  • Jin Kyung as Tae Soo Mi
  • Ha Yoon Kyung as Choi Soo Yeon
  • Joo Jong Hyuk as Kwon Min Woo
  • Joo Hyun Young as Dong Gei Rami
extraordinary attorney woo 2
Credits: NETFLIX

What to expect from Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2?

According to The Korea Herald, CEO Lee Sang-baek announced that screenwriter Moon Ji-won is on board to write a prospective second season, provided it is produced. If that’s the case, Ji-won will have a lot to deal with in the future. Kang Tae-oh, who portrays Young-woo’s lover Lee Jun-ho, is about to enroll in the military. It’s a necessity for all Korean men who are physically capable of serving by the age of 28, so future episodes may have to work around this crucial character’s prolonged absence.

There’s also the debate regarding the show’s depiction of autism to consider.

Overall, reactions from the autistic community have been divided, with some praising the program for its portrayal and others believing it is not an honest and fair picture of someone on the autism spectrum. Moving ahead, it’s probable that these answers will have to be considered to ensure that season two is as real and courteous as possible.

When she originally auditioned for the part, the main character Park Eun-bin took this into serious consideration. In reality, Park turned down the position several times before accepting it.

“I had to think about this being a drama, so there would be some media influence,” she admitted in a recent interview with TV Guide. I didn’t want to have a negative influence on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) community.

“I thought that I could not have any stereotypes or prejudices going into this project. That was one of my main concerns,” she continued. “Because this drama and its themes involve and concern a lot of people, I felt a sense of responsibility very heavily. I did not want to offend or hurt anyone.”

“I decided that it was my moral responsibility to exclude references as much as possible and not use real autistic people as a means, in order to emphasise Woo Young-woo’s uniqueness,” she later noted in an interview with ET News (via Soompi).

“Woo Young Woo is not a representative or spokesperson for autistic people so I wanted to show her individual traits.”

Meanwhile, three episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be chosen for a new musical rendition of Woo’s narrative inspired by the series. So there’s much more room for this effort to grow.

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Where to watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is now accessible exclusively on Netflix US in the United States.

How many episodes does Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 have?

While we don’t know the actual number of episodes, we have a reasonable notion of how many may be in the upcoming season. Given that season 1 had 16 episodes, it’s reasonable to expect that season 2 will have a similar episode count.