Family Guy Season 22: Release date, plot, cast, episodes, teaser trailer and other details

Family Guy Season 22: Release date, plot, cast, episodes, teaser trailer and other details
Credit: The Fox Network

When is the new season expected to make its official comeback? Here is everything we know so far about
Family Guy Season 22. 

Get ready to laugh out loud and buckle up for more wild and wacky adventures with the Griffin family because Family Guy Season 22 is officially making its return with brand-new episodes! There’s no doubt that the hit animated sitcom, which was created by Seth MacFarlane, has been entertaining audiences for over two decades with its irreverent humor, pop culture references, and iconic characters. 

The adored family and their pals are sure to deliver even more crazy actions, funny one-liners, and side-splitting jokes in the upcoming season.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the world of Rhode Island, you won’t want to miss a single episode of Family Guy Season 22! Especially for you, we have listed all the crucial updates regarding the potential release date, among other details. So, it’s time to dive headfirst into the world of Peter, Lois, Stewie, Chris, and Meg, and experience another season of non-stop laughter and fun.

Family Guy Season 22: Release date, plot, cast, episodes, teaser trailer and other details

Family Guy Season 22 Release Date and Time Slot

As the finale of Family Guy Season 21, which includes the show’s 400th episode, premiered a few hours ago, the fans have once again been speculating when the much anticipated Season 22 is all set to return to their television screens. If you are wondering the same, then we can assure you that the beloved American animated sitcom isn’t going anywhere. 

If you recall, back in January 2023, Fox announced that the series had been renewed for seasons 22 and 23, taking the show through the 2024–25 television season! According to the reports, the twenty-second season of Family Guy will be making its return quite sooner than you have been anticipating and is set to premiere on September 17, 2023, at the same time slot of 9:30/8:30c, with “Fathers and Recreation.”

To say the least, this is an exciting update for the fans, who can now be relieved to know that the show hasn’t been renewed for just one season but two seasons in advance. The official Twitter handle of the show also confirmed the renewal update among its followers by posting a picture of Peter Griffin being all excited, quoting, “season 22 and 23, let’s gooooo!” Take a look at the official post below: 

Family Guy Season 22: What to expect in the new season?

Family Guy currently holds the title of Fox’s most-streamed program on record and continues the trend this season, averaging 5.1 million P2+ viewers. In addition to this, the shows currently rank among the Top 10 comedies for the 2022–23 season, with this year marking “The Simpsons'” fourth, “Family Guy’s” fifth, and “Bob’s Burgers'” second consecutive season to lead the list. With such great reception, it is obvious that the network will aim to make the series more exciting than before! 

So, it is expected that the upcoming season will live up to the expectations of fans worldwide. We would also like to highlight that most of the plotlines have been kept under wraps, but it has been rumored that the new season will explore Stan Thompson finally finding work at Hennessey O’Callaghan’s Fishing Business, working on the S.S. Thompson in “Return to the Seas.”

In addition, Peter Griffin returns to his old fishing job on his new boat, the Revamped S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together. Alongside that, Brian takes Peter’s job at the Pawtucket Brewery when the latter quit it to go back to his fishing job. These are just some of the plotlines that are being debated by the fans and hinted at by the network, which make sense if we consider the overall character arcs and the story of this animated series, which makes complete sense. 

Until any other confirmation about the plot is made, we urge the readers to be patient, and, in the meantime, the fans can debate and express what they want to see in the new episodes. 

Family Guy Season 22: Release date, plot, cast, episodes, teaser trailer and other details

Family Guy Season 22 Cast and Crew

The 22nd season of Family Guy will continue to provide a humorous take on current events, with the main cast of the series which includes activities of the dysfunctional Griffin family, consisting of father Peter Griffin, Lois, a stay-at-home mother and piano teacher in early episodes Meg who is their often bullied teenage daughter who is also constantly ridiculed or ignored by the family, Chris their awkward teenage son,  and Stewie, their diabolical infant son. 

Living with the family is their witty, sarcastic, English-speaking anthropomorphic dog, Brian, though he is still considered a pet in many ways, and resides in their hometown of Quahog, Rhode Island. Family Guy is a 20th Television Animation production. Seth MacFarlane is the creator and executive producer. Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin serve as executive producers and showrunners, while Steve Callaghan, Tom Devanney, Danny Smith, Kara Vallow, Mark Hentemann, and Patrick Meighan are executive producers.

Family Guy Season 22: Release date, plot, cast, episodes, teaser trailer and other details

Family Guy Season 22 Episodes and Streaming Options

The next season is expected to include at least 26 episodes with an average runtime of 20–27 minutes per episode, with some select episodes having an average runtime of 33–88 minutes, which can vary from season to season. As mentioned above, the episodes will start their rollout on September 17th, 2023  with the first episode titled “Fathers and Recreation,” and conclude their run with the finale episode sometime later in the same year, with the release window speculated to be around March 2024.

Of course, this is just pure speculation from our end, and the episode count is subject to change and will be officially confirmed later.

For readers who haven’t streamed the new episodes yet, they can do so right now by watching and streaming all the seasons of Family Guy exclusively on Fox, Hulu Plus, and FuboTV. You can also stream Family Guy by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu, depending on the viewer’s location and preferred membership plans. So now is the perfect time to renew your membership plans and see what all the fuss is about with this series. 

Family Guy Season 22 Official Teaser Trailer

The network hasn’t released any new trailers for the new season, so we recommend readers catch up with the prior season, which is now available to stream and continues to entertain its die-hard fan base with razor-sharp humour, spot-on parodies, spectacular animation, and orchestra-backed original music. Since its 1999 debut, the series has reached cult status among fans, and its breakout star, a talking baby, has become one of the greatest TV characters of all time. 

Family Guy Season 21 has continued to provide a humorous take on current events with big-name guest voices, including Mario Lopez, Gerald McRaney, Jay Pharoah, Martha Plimpton, and Casey Wilson, as well as Sam Elliott as the mayor of Quahog. The last season ended with “Adult Education” and showed Meg coming home from Russia after realizing she was used for a green card marriage; Chris joins Principal Shepherd in shooting pornos at Adam West High as an extracurricular activity.

Catch up on the previous episodes while you wait for Family Guy Season 22 to return on the Fox network.