Fargo Season 5: Everything we know so far

Fargo season 5: Everything we know so far
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Read on to find out the latest updates on Fargo Season 5. 

After two years of the Fargo drought, we have some really good news to share with the fans of the show. The work on season five of one of the most popular shows is underway. An award-winning black comedy-drama, Fargo is popular as an anthology series, which means that every season it introduces a new thrilling story.

With the new season release, FX has dropped some teasing details for the fans and what they can expect from this upcoming installment. Are you ready?

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When will Fargo Season 5 be released?

There is no official release date for Fargo Season 5 as of yet. The filming, according to Newsweek, is set to begin this winter. The Never Have I Ever cast member Richa Moorjani shared on Instagram that she’ll be joining the cast of Fargo and jocosely asked her followers to send “vegan winter coasts” on her caption. This implies that the filming might begin during winter.

Considering the filming process and the traditional release pattern of its predecessors, we expect that the fifth season of Fargo will premiere somewhere during April or May 2023.

Who is the cast of Fargo Season 5?

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According to FX, the official cast list includes:

Jon Hamm ( best known for his role as Don Draper in Mad Men) as Roy
Juno Temple (best known for her role as Keeley Jones in Ted Lasso) as Dot
Jennifer Jason Leigh (best known for her role as Daisy Domergue in The Hateful Eight) as Lorraine

In addition to the above-mentioned cast, who will be reprising the lead roles in the series, FX has also recently revealed the addition of new cast members. They include Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris, and Richa Moorjani.

Joe Keery is popular for his role as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things. Keery will play the role of Gator Tillman, while Lamorne Morris, who is mostly known for his role in New Girl, will reprise the role of Witt Farr. Richa Moorjani will reprise the role of Indira Olmstead.

As a way of announcing the news, Morris posted a screenshot of the Deadline article that covered his casting. In the post, he tagged Keery and himself in the picture as Tom Cruise and Idris Elba, respectively, and captioned it with, “excited to be a part of the fantastic world of Fargo!”

What is the plot of Fargo Season 5?

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There is no official announcement regarding the outline of the upcoming installment from FX. However, according to Newsweek, tFargo Season 5 will be reportedly set in a world that has not been affected by the pandemic, and it will focus on an intricate kidnapping.

The short synopsis of the season reads (courtesy of Newsweek), “Fargo has travelled through decades, cities and families, and the fifth instalment will be no different: Set in 2019, when is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn’t yours?”

“It’s particularly comedic this year. It’s always a balance between how dramatic versus comedic it is, and this is the more comedic end of the spectrum. I really love it, “ the Emmy-winning showrunner, American producer, director, and writer Noah Hawley mentioned to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to this, Fargo Season 5 will be set in the upper Midwest, and according to Hawley, Dot, whose role is reprised by Temple, will be a “housewife with a secret.”

Since the filming process is yet to begin, there is no official trailer for Fargo Season 5 as of yet.

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