Farmmi Announces Expansion Of International Business

Farmmi, a leading Agri0based products supplier in China, has announced on Wednesday that the company is expanding its international business at its Subsidiary Zhejiang Forest Foods Company.

According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the company has also announced its overseas latest customer as Netherland-based WahNamHong International. The WahNamHong or W.H.H has ordered the dried black fungus and dried mushrooms, which is scheduled to ship in May 2020. The company will deliver the shipment of mushroom in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Boss of Farmmi, Yefang Zhang said, “We welcome W.N.H. International as a valued customer that we will work to build a long-term relationship with. We are encouraged to see continued growth from customers both in China and internationally, as we execute on our expansion strategy and marketing efforts.”

“We have established our brands as a standard for high quality agriculture products with consistent reliability and the commitment of the broader Farmmi organization. Consumers worldwide continue to grapple with limited availability of fresh produce and food on top of the underlying longer term growth trends we were previously benefitting from. We are working closely with our supply chain and distributors to ensure we can meet the increased demand.” Miss Zhang further added.

About Farmmi:

Farmmi is the leading China-based Agriculture products supplier, retailer and processor of edible fungi, Shiitake Mushrooms, MU Er Mushrooms and many other agricultural products. The company initially started its services across China, but now the company has expanded its business operations to international markets as well.

The company’s Lingpin Market serves as the leading trading hub for Chinese Geographical agricultural products. Furthermore, the Farmmi acts as one of the largest hubs for both local and international consumers to access and purchase a wide range of Chinese Agricultural products.

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