FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast and everything you need to know

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates
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When is FBOY Island Season 2 making its debut this summer? Continue reading to find out. 

If you love reality drama series and can’t get enough of them, then there’s yet another season of one of the most talked-about reality TV series, FBOY Island, coming out this year for you to binge-watch. The series was among the top streamed series for HBO Max, which is a relatively new digital streaming platform when compared to top competitors like Netflix.

Hence, the renewal of the series for a new series is not at all surprising, given how HBO Max has lately renewed a lot of its shows due to popular demand and expanding its amazing catalog for original movies and TV series. 

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates

The platform is setting its mark on this new streaming era. So, FBOY Island is one of the most popular series with great potential to be expanded further for the audience and the platform, so it was an easy decision for the network to continue the series for another season.

As a result, to help you prepare before streaming the new season, we’ve put up a quick summary of everything you need to know about the season’s release date, plot, and cast. Continue reading to learn more about FBOY Island Season 2. 

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates

Will there be a Season 2 of FBOY Island?

Yes, FBOY Island has been officially renewed for a second season by HBO Max as the news was announced back in August 2021, and the season was filmed earlier this year in Cabo San Lucas. Upon the release of Season 1, it became the streaming service’s most-watched reality program.

So, it is not surprising the series was renewed for another season. The announcement was also shared on the official FBOY Island Twitter handle, quoting, “On the lookout for season 2! #FBOYISLAND #SummerOnMax” Take a look at the post below: 

According to TheHollywood Reporter, Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max, stated, “With a title like Fboy Island, we knew we would get the audience’s attention, and we’re thrilled that they’ve responded to the self-aware, comedic nature of the format, proving that they are excited by this fresh approach that puts women in control.” Further added, “Season one undoubtedly kept the audience guessing, but we have even more big twists in store for season two.”

According to Deadline, “The response to FBoy Island has been incredible and we can’t wait to dial up the volume, even more, to take the second season to the next level,” added Jason Goldberg, Executive Producer, and Chief Creative Officer, STXalternative. “We’re thrilled to continue this collaboration with HBO Max, Elan, Sam, Nikki and Ben. They have been amazing creative partners.” 

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates

FBOY Island Season 2 Release Date

The official release date for FBOY Island Season 2 has been revealed as the upcoming season will make its debut on July 14, 2022. Take a look at the official post shared by the Twitter handle of FBOY Island, quoting, “This season on FBOY Island, we’re taking a more thoughtful, refined approach to matchmaking. Just kidding! It’s gonna be a mess. #FBOYIsland Season 2 premieres July 14, only on HBO Max.

What is the premise of the show?

The show features three female contestants and twenty-four male rivals and is hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser. Twelve of the men identify as nice guys, while the other half identify as fboys. The former is looking for a relationship, while the latter is competing for a $100,000 cash prize for any candidates who make it to the end. 

Throughout each episode, the ladies choose men to date, all of whom are between the ages of 22 and 35, with the episode culminating in the elimination of three guys and the subsequent revelation of whether or not they are philanderers.

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates

FBOY Island Season 2 Plot  

In the upcoming season of FBOY Island, three new ladies, Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard, and Tamaris Sepulveda, relocate to a tropical paradise with 26 guys who may or may not be there for the right reasons. Thirteen self-described “Nice Guys” will be hunting for love, while thirteen self-described “FBoys” will be competing for cash.

HBO Max teased, “The women will navigate the dating pool together with the hope of finding a lasting love connection.”  “By the end of the show, everyone will know who is a Nice Guy, who is an FBoy, who the women prefer, and who wins the prize money.” FBOY Island is a social experiment that poses the following question: Can FBoys truly reform or do Nice Guys always finish last?”

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates

FBOY Island Season 2 Cast

According to Deadline, FBOY Island Season 2, which will feature a new batch of Nice Guys and FBoys, will have “even more big twists in store,” HBO Max’s Jennifer O’Connell shared in a statement. Glaser will return as host. 

In an interview with Variety, Nikki Glaser, who is also an executive producer on the show, announced her comeback in 2021. “I couldn’t be happier about returning to FBoy Island for Season 2,” the standup comedian said at the time. “The only downside is that it confirms my greatest fear: that there are more than 12 fboys on planet earth.”

Some of the new cast members were recently introduced through social media posts on Twitter. Take a look at the confirmed cast members for FBOY Island Season 2 below: 

The Single Ladies

Tamaris Sepulveda: Tamaris tells it like it is and knows what she wants. Can these boys find a way to win her heart? 

Mia Emani Jones: Meet Mia. She’s driven, accomplished, and sick of dating FBOYS; will she meet her match or take the cash?

Louise Barnard: Meet Louise. She’s been unlucky in love before… but has she learned how to play the game since?

The Men Contenders 

Moreover, when asked about the cast members for the upcoming season, the reality television producer told Refinery29 that there could be bisexual cast members in future seasons, stating, “There should be no rules moving forward with FBoy Island.” 

Further adding, “We made a first season to really test the boundaries of what we can do on a dating show. Moving forward, we want to blow the top off this thing and go in every possible direction.” Taking note of this, the male contenders for the second season include the following individuals who will compete against each other to win the season. 

  • A.C. Long
  • Asanté Tait
  • Benedict Polizzi
  • Brant Weiss
  • Braydon Elgar
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Danny Louisa
  • Dewayne Rogers
  • Ilon Hao
  • JaBriane Ross
  • Jared Seay
  • Jeremy Edberg
  • John MgBemena
  • Kian Lewis
  • Kyland Hewett-Newbill
  • Lukasz Yoder
  • Mercedes Knox
  • Michael Dakessian
  • Nick Priola
  • Nick Warfield
  • Nikolay Pranchenko
  • Niko Pilalis
  • Noam Atzil
  • Tom Carnifax
  • Zachary Wambold

FBOY Island Season 2 Episodes

The exact number of episodes in FBOY Island Season 2 has been announced. As the audience awaits its premiere, the series is following the footsteps of its predecessor FBOY Island Season 1 and will include at least 10 episodes with a runtime of 50 minutes.

FBOY Island Season 2 will drop the first three of 10 episodes on July 14, followed by three episodes on July 21, two episodes on July 28, and the final two episodes on August 4.  

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates

Is there a trailer for FBOY Island Season 2?

No, trailer or teaser has been released for FBOY Island Season 2 as of June 15, 2022. For the time being, watch this exclusive interview of Nikki Glaser on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she shares what it was like living with her parents during quarantine for 10 months and why F-boys really are the most fragile of them all. 

Where can you stream FBOY Island Season 2?

FBOY Island Season 2, when available to stream, will only be accessible on HBO Max as it is an exclusive series developed for the digital streaming platform. Moreover, all the episodes of Season 1 are now available to stream on the platform. 

The membership of the platform costs $10 per month (or $100 per year) for the ad-supported plan and $15 per month (or $150 per year) for the ad-free option. The viewers can choose the membership plan according to their preference and stream the vast catalog that HBO Max has to offer its users with TV series and movies ranging across different genres. 

FBOY Island Season 2: Release date, cast, and more updates

FBOY Island Official Synopsis

The official synopsis of the series, according to HBO Max, states, “Three women move to a tropical island where they’re joined by 24 men – 12 self-proclaimed “Nice Guys” looking for love, and 12 self-proclaimed “FBoys,” there to compete for cold, hard cash. The women will navigate the dating pool together with the hope of finding a lasting love connection.”

Catch up on the previous season while you wait for more FBOY Island Season 2 updates.