Fire Country Season 2 Spoilers: Everything you need to know

Fire Country Season 2 spoiler special: Here’s what you can expect
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On the one hand, the Fire Country season one finale exacerbated Bode’s condition, but on the other, it also teased at Bode’s endeavors to come out of the situation for Fire Country season 2. For those unversed, Fire Country season 1, episode 21, made matters worse as it endangered Bode’s position at Three Rock and his parole hearing. Meanwhile, the investigation from the state attorney’s office into the skirmishes at the inmate fire camp has Bode’s imprisonment an inevitable thing.

In Fire Country season one, episode 22, Bode saw the confidence fade away from the eyes of his loved ones after his positive drug test. Plus, he would never say no to Mel’s proposal considering that he was forced to choose between the truth and protecting Freddie.

Finding himself in this quicksand of what’s right and what’s grey, Bode decides to lie to the parole board and burden himself with the blame, owing to his need to sacrifice his well-being for others. This need comes in the wake of his realization that nobody except Gabriela believed him.

Given that his family and friends did not have an iota of faith left in him, he was convinced that accepting Mel’s offer would unleash Freddie’s freedom. Bode’s situation in Fire Country season one has consequently set the stage for him in season 2. Here’s what we expect to happen in Fire Country season 2.

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What do we expect to happen to Bode in Fire Country season 2?

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Throughout season one, Bode contended that being at the Three Rock camp was the best opportunity for him since it offered the possibility of doing what he wanted to do with his family closer to him. He loved being a part of Three Rock so much that the idea of getting to parole terrified him, especially if it heralded a glitch in his routine at the fire inmate camp. In season 2, Bode will have to prove his worth for staying in the Three Rocks and relentlessly struggle for it.

In season one, the viewers also catch a glimpse of Bode finding himself in trouble when he could have wisely chosen between taking the more prudent thing and shielding himself or sacrificing himself for others. A lot of instances, like jumping in a car that is falling off a bridge, and lying to his best friend, testified that Bode seldom protected his parole hearing or even his chance to be a Three Rock. Considering that he has lost everyone who believed in him by the end of Fire Country season one, Bode will have to learn how to stand up for himself if he wishes to return to Three Rock in Fire Country season 2.

Given that Bode’s fears about Gabriela indulging in a feud with Sleeper materialized and prevented him from doing anything, he will be given a chance to fight Sleeper in prison without thinking about what Freddie or Gabriela would say or do since they would be out of reach in Fire Country season 2. This proves that Bode’s return to prison would consequently lead him to finally defeat Sleeper and achieve his place back at Three Rock in Fire Country season 2.