First Kill Season 2: What we know so far

First Kill Season 2
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Will we get First Kill Season 2? Read on to know more.

Love, like war, is never easy. A very generic observation but true. To add to the piling trouble of love, teenage love is an absolute catastrophic phase that too if both the lovers belong to two separate warring families. Sounds familiar? That’s possible because Shakespeare made a cliché out of it. But enough of boy-girl love stories, Netflix has brought you something different yet similar, something realistic yet absolutely dramatic. If you love romance drama and blood-toothed vampires, then you must already be watching First Kill Season 1. Twilight is so 2008. The just-out-on-screen drama is fresh with blood and screaming with drama.

If you aren’t already aware, then let us tell you that Netflix’s latest addition First Kill is a supernatural drama centering around a pair of star-crossed lovers– a vampire Juliette and a vampire hunter Calliope. Do we need to emphasize how much their families are against each other? No, right? Because if not some feud and bloodbath and lots of running about, what is even a love story. Based upon Victoria Schwab’s short story of the same name, the drama’s first season premiered on June 10, 2022, and dropped all the episodes on the same day.

first kill s2

Now that Season 1 has given viewers a taste of a new drama, they cannot wait for First Kill Season 2.

So, will there be a second installment of the show? Here is some news that might satiate your thirst for now.

Will there be a Season 2 of First Kill?

Considering the fact that season 1 has just landed and it has left awestruck with multiple cliffhangers, we can at least assume that the show will be renewed for a second season. The show did not seem to be a limited series in the first place. Therefore, First Kill Season 2 is highly plausible; also, the fans need answers. However, Netflix has not opened up yet about giving the show the green light, but all of it depends upon the viewers. Remember, Netflix loves ratings. So, if you want another season, you know what you have to do.

First Kill Season 2 Release Date

Even if the show gets a green light, the second season will not be able to see the light of the day before 2023. Hence have patience for in a couple of months Netflix will surely make an official statement about First Kill Season 2, determining the fate of the show.

first kill s2

 First Kill Season 2 Trailer

As already mentioned, expecting a trailer this soon is highly impossible to be fulfilled. Given the fact that Netflix has not announced the fate of the show, we have to wait a bit longer. Until then, you can watch First Kill Season 1 once again. Here’s the trailer for you.

First Kill | Official Trailer | Netflix

 First Kill Season 1: A Recap

*Beware! You are in for some spoilers!*

Season 1 shows us that Juliette has come of age when, as a vampire, she needs to make her first kill to be formally accepted as The Legacies, the direct descendants of the natural born. Then there is Calliope, who is a vampire slayer and belongs to a family of celebrated slayers. Meanwhile, Juliette sets her eyes on Romeo, we mean Calliope and decides Calliope be her first prey.

Incidentally, and as expected, Juliette falls for her, and Calliope, too, feels the same. But also Calliope was one watch for her first kill. Therefore when she realized Juliette was one of the lurking monsters, she chose Juliette as her first prey. The LGBTQ+ forbidden teen love actually ends with Juliette biting Calliope and she piercing her silver steak through Juliet’s heart.

Apart from this, Juliette has bitten Caliope’s dying brother Theo and turned him into a vampire in the process, which added to the two lovers’ already frayed relationship. Now that Theo is on the run, Calliope’s father is determined to hunt him down. Also, the vampire sect is not doing well with Juliette’s sister Elinor embroiled in some legal trouble.

First Kill Season 2

 First Kill Season 2: What can we expect?

The last season has shown quite more than a crack in Juliette and Calliope’s relationship. It has made the fans anxious, but they are hopeful that a distance might help them heal and bring them closer to each other. Also, Theo’s turning into a vampire incident played a big role last season. First Kill Season 2 might as well deal with it.

The fact that these vampires have killed his mother might be all the more troubling now that he himself has turned into one. If he will be able to accept himself is still a question and something to look forward to. Also, we found Elinor landing up in jail, and that too, without her parents’ help, fans wonder how she will manage. Needless to say, the second season might bring many more bloodbaths. But whether it would be equally dramatic or surpass our expectations is still a question.

First Kill Season 2

 First Kill Season 2 Cast

Here’s a probable list of characters who might resume their roles in the second installment. 

  • Juliette (the vampire)– Sarah Catherine Hook
  • Calliope (the vampire hunter) — Imani Lewis
  • Theo (Calliope’s brother turned vampire) — Phillip Mullings Jr.
  • Elinor (Juliette’s sister, now in police custody) — Gracie Dzienny
  • Oliver (Juliette’s brother) — Dylan McNamara
  • Talia — Aubin Wise
  • Margot — Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Sebastian— Will Swenson
  • Jack — Jason Robert Moore
  • Apollo — Dominic Goodman
  • Carmen — Walnette Marie Santiago
  • Ben Wheeler — Jonas Dylan Allen

First Kill Season 2

How many episodes will it have?

Season 1 had eight episodes. We expect First Kill Season 2 to have the same number of episodes.

Where to watch The First Kill?

Well, one can always stream it on Netflix. 

So far, this is all we have got. Any further development on First Kill Season 2, and we will surely notify you.