Freeridge Season 2: Everything you need to know

Freeridge Season 2: Everything you need to know
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Touted as one of the first major comedy releases on Netflix of 2023, Freeridge is a spin-off to On My Block. The series is spatially set in the same location that its progenitor was also set, however, it features a brand new cast. For those unversed, Freeridge encircles the life of four teens who are sweating to reverse a curse that is catapulted on its arrival.

Ever since its release, the show has garnered positive reviews, boasting an 86% on RottenTomatoes. Not only that, but The Daily Beast also appreciated the series to be a “female-led comedy.” The Hollywood Reporter reviewed Freeridge to be a “lighter show than its predecessor” however, it runs parallel to the original by sharing “the same empathetic heart” and “playful sense of humor.” However, on the audience front, the show has not performed well since it has garnered only a 5.9 on IMDb and 61% on RT.

Despite its reception of mixed reviews, fans of the show are wondering whether there will be a second season of this Netflix comedy. If you’re one of them, then you’ve landed at the right destination for we have gathered every crumb of the latest information in regard to Freeridge season 2.

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What is the overall performance of Freeridge on Netflix?

Freeridge Season 2: Everything we know so far
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Painting a more sunny picture of the situation, Freeridge did feature in the hourly top 10s. However, according to What’s on Netflix, “Its debut was one of the worst Netflix Original series debuts we’ve seen in quite some time, “since it only garnered 8.27 million hours between January 29th and February 5th, 2023. The situation seems to be even more exacerbated by the shorter runtime of the show since according to CVE viewership data (which is derived after dividing the hours viewed by Netflix by the runtime of the series), the show seems to start on a weak point.

According to FlixPatrolFreeridge has appeared in the top 10s in only 13 countries, and in many of these, it was featured in the top 10 list only for a single day. The strongest performance of the show has been marked in the United States, South Africa, and some of the Caribbean islands.

Has Netflix renewed Freeridge for a second season?

Freeridge Season 2: Will there be another season?

Based on the aforementioned statistics of the series, it seems that things might not be brewing in favor of the fans. It’s impossible for the show to just survive on those metrics alone unless Netflix chooses to lower the bar and give the series a second chance by renewing it. As you might probably be aware, Netflix takes into consideration a lot of determining factors including viewership figures, production cost, and more, while renewing the show for subsequent seasons.

Speaking to TVLine, Jeremy Haft, the co-creator of the series, expressed his optimism about the future of the show, saying:

“The world of Freeridge is very rich and vibrant, and there are tons of stories to tell. We’ve always had a tiny grain of hope — [co-creator] Lauren Iungerich, [executive producer] Jamie Dooner, Eddie [Gonzalez] and myself — always had a hope that we’d continue the stories of Freeridge. Luckily, and with great gratitude, we say thank you to Netflix for allowing us to continue telling those stories. More to come.”

What to expect from Freeridge Season 2?

Freeridge Season 2: Will there be another season?

*Spoiler alert*

Following the footsteps of its progenitor, Freeridge concludes with a big cliffhanger. The season finale ends with the gang’s revelation of the nexus of the curse which they’ve been suffering from for quite a while and it’s no other than Abuelita’s long-lost sister, Mariluna. Mariluna gives the gang a task to use some amount of money within a stipulated duration with nothing to show for it. Upon completion of it, they would walk away with even more money.

When they accepted the challenge things when haywire, as Mariluna got shot. The two shooters from the Santos gang mistook Mariluna for Marisol while they were searching for the Roller World money that Marisol and Jamal had found in On My Block before her death.

Speaking to Teen Vogue about the possible tangent the second season will underscore, the cast revealed that even they don’t know what’s next.

Wilson said, “It’s crazy though. It’s hard to tell if she dies or not, so I think [that’s] all up in the air.”

Salaz then added, “We have many theories on our end. We’re in the same exact position that you guys are in because we don’t know what’s happening, and we want to know just as badly as you guys!”

While speaking to Popsugar, Mejia noted, “She better be alive. For those $10 million she promised. I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but they’re going to figure it out,” to which Salaz added: “[We’re] trying to cash that check.”

Additionally, in conversation with Digital Spy, Trainor revealed, “If a season two were to come, although Cameron does need some time to be single, I want him to find love. Cameron deserves to find someone that makes him the best version of himself.”

Who are the expected cast members of Freeridge Season 2?

Freeridge Season 2: Will there be another season?
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If Freeridge is renewed for a second season, you can expect the following cast members to reprise their roles:

  • Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria
  • Bryana Salaz as Ines
  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Cameron
  • Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi
  • Peggy Blow as Mariluna
  • Zaire Adams as Andre
  • JeanPaul SanPedro as Javier
  • JR Villarreal as Tonio
  • Michael Solomon as Rusty

In addition to the above-mentioned cast members, you can also expect some of the crossover cast members from On My Block like Paula Garcés, Eric Gutierrez, Eme Ikwuakor and Raushanah Simmons to also return.

In conversation with Popsugar, Wilson mentioned that she would love Jamal to reprise his role as Brett Gray and aid the gang in season two She said, “He’s got a lot going on up here, he could do it.” To that, Trainor added, “Aside from Jamal, I’m going to pick Jasmin (Jessica Marie Garcia).

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