Ghosts Season 2 Episode 16: Release date, cast, trailer and more

All you need to know about Ghosts season 2 before Episode 16 release!

“I Hate being the most recent dead.”

Wanna be haunted but in a friendly way? Then Ghosts is the series for you all! With the horror-comedy genre, the CBS Sitcom has given us what we craved, countless doses of laughter. Ever since Samantha and Jay moved into their new country house, courtesy of a distant relative, believing that they are the only ones inside the country house, more like a mansion. Shocker for them, laughter for us, and numerous ghosts tied to the house boundaries while all of them try their best to unplan the couple’s plans. All you need to know about the Ghosts Season 2 before Episode 16 release!

All you need to know about Ghosts season 2 before Episode 16 release!

The idea to convert a British series adaptation into an American tv show has succeeded so far. The first season premiered on October 7, 2021, followed by the second season release on September 29, 2022. Rose Mclver, a New Zealand actress famous for her role as a yellow ranger in Power Rangers RPM, and Utkarsh Ambudkar, an American actor, rapper & singer famous for his roles in Pitch Perfect, Never Have I Ever, etc. Both are performing as a leading New Yorker couple as Sam and Jay. 

What happened in Ghosts Season 2 Episode 15 :

We saw in the previous episode how Sam and Jay join hands to make Thorfinn’s first date with Flower a perfect Valentine’s day dinner. They were ready to do it, all over again when Flower acted like she doesn’t remember anything relating to last night. However, she accepts lying and opens up about her insecurities. She thought her relationship with Thor won’t last forever because her living-two relationships ended with her husband passing away.

Ghosts 2x15 Promo "A Date To Remember" (HD) Rose McIver comedy series

Thor assures her that they won’t fall apart. Meanwhile, Hetty is seeking revenge on Nigel for not inviting her to his welcoming party with Isaac. However, they reconcile for Isaac’s sake but agree to conflict discreetly. Six days later Valentine’s day, Sam and Jay enjoy their dinner date. Will Hetty and Nigel could ever agree, or the conflict goes on as long as they live? (More like as long as their spirit doesn’t get sucked into heaven.)

What can we expect in Ghosts Season 2 Episode 16?

When Sam announces the publication of Isaac’s biography, things hit a wall with the publication issue, but Isaac doesn’t know about it. Unable to give the bad news, Sam keeps the issue to herself, determined to find a solution. However, given the history, you can’t hide anything from them for too long. Apart from the unaware Isaac, Thor attempts to stand up for his words for Flower. He’s trying to demonstrate how he can control his anger, But is that possible for a 1000 years old Viking like him?

Ghosts 2x16 Promo "Issac's Book" (HD) Rose McIver comedy series

If we thought that is all going to happen in Episode 16, we all are so wrong. Considering Hetty, the uptight lady of the manor is trying to keep her relationship with Trevor, a hard-partying wealthy business executive of wall street & the most recent deceased ghost. Imagine the chaos that’ll break if their relationship gets exposed. Whatever happens on March 2, 2023, we know that the episode is going to skyrocket the ratings while we fans are only concerned about Isaac’s Book! Now, that was All you need to know about Ghosts Season 2 Episode 16! Let’s wait together for the new episode while keeping up with our theories.