Hard Cell Season 2: What we know so far

Hard Cell Season 2
Credit: Netflix

Want to know the latest updates on Hard Cell Season 2? Read on to find out.

Prison comedy is a trope that hasn’t been explored much as the place itself is not a setting where anyone can expect anything good to happen. All that comes to mind when talking about prisons are the dark and dingy cells, hard labor, inflexible rules, prison riots, freedom snatched away in all ways, and every other unimaginable horror. However, Christian Tate came out with a mockumentary format comedy-drama on Netflix named Hard Cell. Though the show hasn’t received a mind-blowing kind of response from the critics, it has been doing well among the viewers. 

With the first season of the series already on air, fans have been speculating about the possibility of the second season. So here’s everything we know about whether Hard Cell Season 2 is on the way or not:

Hard Cell Season 2
Credit: Netflix

Will there be Season 2 of Hard Cell?

The renewal status of Hard Cell Season 2 is pending as it hasn’t been only recently that the first season came out, and usually, it takes a while for the production or the network to renew a show, based on the response it gets. While Netflix is known to renew or cancel shows at the snap of a finger, for Hard Cell Season 2, it seems we got to wait a little bit until any update.

Hard Cell Season 2 Release Date

Hard Cell Season 1 hit Netflix on April 12, 2022. So it is evident that it hasn’t been that long for the second season to hit the screens. Though there has been no announcement regarding any new season being in the works or soon to be coming out, the probability of Hard Cell Season 2 happening is very much likely. If nothing goes south, we can expect Hard Cell Season 2 to hit the screens in the second quarter of 2023, based on its renewal. 

Hard Cell Season 2 Trailer

As there has been no announcement regarding the second season, there is no new trailer too as of now. Till then, do take a look at the trailer of season one in case you haven’t watched it or just to revisit the fun it delivers. 

Hard Cell | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hard Cell Season 2  Expected Plot

**Spoiler alert**

Set in the fictional female jail HMP Woldsley, Hard Cell is a documentary-style comedy. It follows Governor Willis as she attempts to improve the way her prison operates. She believes that unlike forced rules and unnecessary strictness, self-esteem, creativity, and a sense of purpose lead to rehabilitation. And to inculcate all these values, what’s better than planning musicals? That’s what the Governor did, plan a musical with the inmates.

Season 1 ended with many unanswered questions and cliffhangers. While Laura tries to solve the basic issues of the prison, Ange arrives as a new inmate and is immediately bullied by Anastasia. Charlee, who is pregnant, becomes friends with Governor Willis. When everything feels like it’s falling into place, Ros’ mother runs off with her money. 

Charlee gives birth to a baby boy while the musical is opening somewhere else. Things went south when Ros stabs Anastasia unknowingly on stage due to the deliberate prop replacement by Ange. The season ends with Charlee giving her baby to Governor Willis, and Anastasia’s condition is yet unknown.

With Season 1 ending on such a note, we can expect Hard Cell Season 2 to pick the story up from there itself. We might see the Governor’s struggle with parenthood, the aftermath of Anastasia’s injury if she’ll recover, and at what rate and much more unanticipated comical challenges. 

Hard Cell Season 2 Cast

Hard Cell Season 2

We can expect the following cast to return for the second season, though there has been no announcement for the same:

  • Catherine Tate as Ange/Governor Willis
  • Christian Brassington as Dean
  • Donna Preston as Fat Pat
  • Niky Wardley as Anastasia
  • Lorna Brown as Cal
  • Cheryl Fergison 
  • Peter Singh as Gary 
  • Lisa Davina Phillip as Pat Pat
  • Stacey Guthrie as ‘Thick as shit’ Jean
  • Caroline Harding as Sal 
  • Duncan Wisbey as Martin
  • Jola Olajide as Charlee
  • Suzie Chard as No Hat Cathy
  • Dimeji Ewuoso as the delivery boy
  • Jumoke Fashola as Mama Dede

How many episodes are there in Hard Cell?

Hard Cell Season 2
Credit: IMDb

Hard Cell consists of 6 episodes that run for 24 to 27 minutes each.

Fan’s reaction to Hard Cell

As aforementioned, Hard Cell has created quite a stir among the audience, and these tweets are proof.

We are sure that these tweets want you to give the documentary-style comedy series a try, if not already. So, stream Hard Cell on Netflix, and let us know in the comment section below how excited are you for Season 2.