Hazlecast Jet To Provide Premium Solutions For Edge Computing Environments

Hazlecast has announced that the company has achieved a huge milestone in optimizing its real-time event streaming engine named as Hazelcast Jet. The new engine will also help to provide premium solutions for edge computing networks. Furthermore, the Hazelcast Jet can also be integrated with the Kubernetes and Red Had OpenShift.

The company continues to establish its reputation as an integral part of edge architecture. The company has previously announced its member of the IBM Edge Ecosystem as the IBM Edge Application Manager, which enables the remote management of Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The system is capable of real-time analysis up to 10,000 devices simultaneously.

Chief Executive Officer of Hazlecast, Kelly Herrell said, “We view the blink of an eye as a minuscule amount of time, but in reality, it takes 300,000 microseconds. By placing processing power at the edge and turbocharging it with Hazelcast’s ultra-low latency stream processing capabilities, new applications will be enabled that will innovate our business capabilities and improve our daily lives.”

Chief Product Officer at Hazelcast, David Brimley said, “Successful edge solutions cannot rely on distant data centers and cloud services to shoulder the burden of high-volume data processing; increasingly, edge deployments have to take on this role. Not only does this approach reduce latency, but it makes budgetary sense when network costs become prohibitive, especially when sending data to the cloud. Hazelcast Jet has the power to solve this challenge.”

“The real-time nature of the edge requires a highly-performant, easily deployed solution and Hazelcast Jet is the only streaming engine on the market with the footprint and performance to handle the data ingestion, transformation and post-processing,” Chief Product Officer at Hazelcast David Brimley further added.

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