When is Heartland Season 15 coming to Netflix?

Heartland Season 15
Credits: CBC

A word to the wise… take that Internet stuff with a grain of salt. It betrays as much as it enlightens.” Sounds so dope when Grandpa Jack says it and we get exasperated when our own parents say the same. True, right?

Anyways, another good news for the Heartlanders (if that’s the right word), Grandpa Jack is coming back with his non-sugarcoated knowledge in Heartland Season 15, as it is already done airing on CBC in Canada. So keep your fingers crossed as another season of our beloved TV series is all set to hit Netflix.

For those who don’t know, Heartland is a Canadian comedy-drama following the family of Bartlett-Fleming and both their adventures and misadventures on their family ranch, Heartland, which means lots of amazing horses. 

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Credits: CBC

The show is created by Murray Shostak and executive produced by Heather Conkie, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, and Michael Weinberg. The show has been on air for past fifteen years and still holds a very special place among the viewers.

So, here’s everything one needs to know to keep track of Heartland Season 15‘s arrival on Netflix:

When will Heartland Season 15 be available on Netflix?

Heartland Season 15

As we know Heartland doesn’t arrive globally on Netflix in one go. However, most of the world has already received the latest season except United States, Canada and France. As Season 14 will hit Netflix US on April 1, 2022, one can expect Heartland Season 15, which premiered back in 2021, to at least take a few months after the wrap-up of Season 14 to be available for binging. So, the closest it can be expected in Winter 2022-23. 

Heartland Season 15 trailer

The trailer to the latest season sheds light on Amy’s efforts to pull herself together for her daughter after the death of Ty and make things better. Though losing a loved one verily leaves an empty space in one’s heart, she is back to her responsibilities as a Horse whisperer in the day and a momma by the night. 

Heartland Season 15 Trailer

Heartland Season 15 Plot

In the previous season, Amy dealt with her grief of losing Ty in an unfortunate accident. She did realize that it’d important to compose oneself for her young daughter but the grief part was overwhelming.

In the season 15, Amy will try to come out of that grief and move on with her life, for her daughter’s sake, for her own sake and for those who rely on her. The upcoming season will also deal with Lou’s family life as well, her relationship with her daughter, work-life balance, career, etc. 

Along with Amy, Jack and Tim, too, realized that it is better to let go off the past, embrace the present and hope good for the future.

Heartland Season 15 Cast

Heartland Season 15

Without giving any spoilers for the upcoming season these cast members are bound to reprise their roles.

  • Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming
  • Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris
  • Shaun Johnston as Jackson “Jack” Bartlett
  • Alisha Newton as Georgina “Georgie” Fleming Morris
  • Chris Potter as Timothy “Tim” Fleming

How many episodes are there in Heartland Season 15?

There are 10 episodes in the upcoming series in total.

Where to watch Heartland Season 15 in the United States?

As per everyone’s information Heartland doesn’t pop on Netflix US as early as other countries, so Americans became one of the last people to binge any new season of the series.

Currently UPTV’sUP Faith & Family streaming service and channel has the American distribution rights with which they released the new season of the series a few days ago:

So if one wants to watch the latest season of Heartland, do visit UP Faith & Family’s streaming program for the same.