Hightown Season 3: Everything you need to know

Hightown Season 3: Is it happening?
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Substance abuse is a matter that has been in discussion for the past few years as it has been a serious issue on the run. More than 15.4% of adolescents start abusing tobacco, and addiction begins as young as 12 years old. Reports suggest more than half of the population has indulged in constant substance abuse at least once in their life. With the emergence of electric cigarettes and new forms of substances in the market, accessibility, and affordability have become a reality, due to which more students are indulging in substance abuse.

What begins as leisure converts to addiction, and it is seen that drug abuse cases have been on the rise ever since. It starts at a very young age and, if not controlled or regulated, can lead to serious mental disorders as well. Because of this, media, as well as OTT platforms, took it upon themselves to educate the masses, especially the young adults who view their shows about substance abuse in detail.

After the success of shows like Euphoria, it became important to come up with more shows that helped people understand these problems, not just from an adolescent’s perspective but even from an institution’s perspective, like parents, schools, or religious institutions.
One such show that started off during the pandemic, an uncertain period for everyone, when all were vulnerable and more prone to substance abuse, was H00ightown.

It was loved by the audiences and ever since had its second season premiered in 2021. However, it took a break and is now going to be back after two years for season three.

The fans now want to know when the show is coming out and who will be returning as their favorite characters. Here is all we know about Hightown Season 3.

Hightown Season 3 Release Date:

Hightown S03 1
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The show was announced for season three in March 2022, after which the production began. It was seen that the production officially kicked off two months after the announcement, in May. Despite no official updates since then, reports have hinted at a release in the second half of 2023. There has also been no update on the show that has been impacted by the Writer’s Guild Association and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Hightown Season 3 Cast

Hightown S03 3
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  • Monica Raymund in lead role as Jackie Quinones
  • Atkins Estimond as Osito
  • Riley Voelkel as Renee Segna
  • Dohn Norwood as Alan Saintille
  • James Badge Dale as Detective Ray Abruzzo
  • Amaury Nolasco as Frankie Alvarez
  • Shane Harper as Junior
  • Tonya Glanz as Trooper Leslie
  • Luis Guzman as Jorge Cuevas
  • Ana Nogueira

Hightown Season 3 Expected Plot:

Hightown S03
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The third season will pick from where season two ended. Jackie was seen to relapse with her drug addiction, and this season, we shall see if she continues it further or tries to fight her urges to get back at it again. It will also see if she saves herself from falling into a pit amongst the chaos. Is Frankie alive? The next crucial question is whether she was ordered to be stabbed in prison as per Osito’s orders. We will also see if Renee is sentenced for murdering Jorge. Owen is taking over Osito in Cape Cod, and Jackie investigates Veronica’s unexpected disappearance.

The third season will get new characters who are a part of the cast and see Boston’s gangster Shane Frawley along with his nephew. Fans are expecting the entry of a new cop named Sarah.

Recap of Hightown Season 1 and 2:

Hightown Official Trailer | STARZ

This show follows the journey of Jackie, who is on her path to becoming sober when a murder investigation tries to make her the central focus because she is a successful cop as well.

The area is also known as Cape Cod. It shows how she has her own challenges in how people who fall prey to drugs commit crimes and the kinds of trials that are associated with it. It also shows how the detectives and other administrative machinery help them to rehabilitate and get better and give them a chance to fit into society. With Jackie falling prey to her addiction once again and the investigation leading nowhere, she is stuck in a dilemma.

Where to watch Hightown Season 3?

Hightown S03 4
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The show can be accessed on the following platforms with a subscription.

  • Starz
  • Hulu
  • Lionsgate
  • Amazon Prime Video

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Hightown Season 3: Is it happening?
Credits: Instagram

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