House of the Dragon Season 2: What we know so far

Top 5 House of the Dragon Season 2 theories!

“Fire and Blood”

The slogan Targaryen live by while being the only humans who can own dragons. According to King Viserys: “The idea that we control the dragons is an illusion. They’re a powerful man should never have trifled with. One that brought Valyria its doom. If we don’t mind our histories, it will do the same to us.” Once a wise King, always the Wise. Long Live the King, so does Long Live our Queen.

House of the Dragon is the sequel to Games of Thrones. We all loved Daenerys Targaryen in the show. So HBO gave us the gift of the century by dropping a new show all about the Targaryen dynasty. Now we all wait for House of the Dragon Season 2.

House of Dragons Season 2: What we know so far?

Let’s see what we know so far about House of the Dragon Season 2. The American fantasy drama with George R. R. Martin & Ryan Condal as the creators, we know how fantastic a show that will be. It is the second installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire franchise, while the first one was Games of Thrones. After the first season got premiered on August 21, 2022, the asleep Got fans woke up. Now hearing the news about House of the Dragon Season 2 production has begun, we all can’t seem to chill. 

Will Rhaenyra Die? 

No thanks to Joffery Lannister. He has already spoiled the story before the production even began. In season 1, we saw how calm and collected Rhaenyra was even when Aegon was made the King, after not being the Heir. We can play the two sides of the coin as according to Joffery, Aegon Targaryen, Rhaenyra’s half-brother, feeds her to his dragon. As she dies, her son Aegon III watches his mother’s death.

House of Dragons Season 2: What we know so far?

While according to the novel, Rhaenyra goes insane in her last years of life during an outbreak of Winter Fever in 133 AC. Both the stories are different, so we can bet fifty-fifty that one of these ways Rhaenyra is going to die. Although with George R. R. Martin as the co-creator, we can hope he might give us a good ending, unlike the awful ending of Daenerys Targaryen in Games Of Thrones. 

What happened in House of the Dragon Season 1?

As much as I want to delve into the little details about the whole series, we don’t wish to become a party pooper. So there will be spoilers. Hopefully, you’ll forgive us. Let’s start with King Viserys I Targaryen’s unfortunate death. Lying on his death bed while looking like a living corpse, his death wish is to reunite with his love, Queen Aemma Arryn, blessed by the gods. His death not only broke the peace but also, started a war with the Targaryen. It’s safe to say, he wanted to die as a happy family man, which he got in those happy glimpses of the family dinner.

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After his death, queen Alicent with the help of her father/ hand of the king names Aegon Targaryen as the King. Somehow Princess Rhaenys escapes and reaches Dragonstone to inform Daemon and Rhaenyra about the whole situation. As much as Daemon wants to strike, Rhaenyra is trying to choose a calmer approach to the Greens. But will that be possible after the death of another? The glimpses of Rhaenyra we got when she heard that news was full of anger and hatred. We don’t know what’ll happen. What we do know is that the cool and calm approach is gonna be six feet under the ground, probably with Green’s in it too.