How many episodes will be there in Grey’s Anatomy Season 20?

How many episodes will be there in Grey’s Anatomy season 20?
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The two-part finale of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 left everyone teary-eyed with an unexpected reunion of Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey with Miranda Bailey winning the Catherin Fox Award and a wedding that hosted a runaway bride. There is so much happening in Grey’s Anatomy season 19 that everyone pondered what could possibly happen in season 20.

Renewed for its 20th run by ABC in March 2023, the legacy of Grey’s Anatomy being the longest-running primetime medical drama would hopefully continue in the future as well. The 20th season will now welcome Meg Marinis to serve as the showrunner for the first time. Replacing the longtime showrunner of this medical drama, Krista Vernoff, Meg has worked with the crew for a plethora of years, having tasted the undertones of the series. So, don’t worry, nothing to catch you off-guard!

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However, there is one thing that might trouble the fans until the official word is not released. With the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, a lot of broadcast entertainment shows have reduced the length of their episodes owing to the extensive production schedules that more episodes would demand. Many are wondering whether Grey’s Anatomy would also have to reduce its number of episodes in season 20. Here’s what we know so far about it.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Is the number of episodes reduced?

Is Grey's Anatomy Season 20 canceled?

At the time of writing this article, ABC has not revealed the exact number of episodes, nor has it unveiled any information regarding altering the episode count. Previously, each season of Grey’s Anatomy was streamed with an episode count of 20-25 on average, including season 19, which had 20 episodes.

Considering that the ongoing strikes have postponed the production schedules indefinitely, the series would take some more time to shoot the episodes once the strikes cease to continue and a fair deal is reached. As a result, the seasons would have to shoot fewer number of episodes than they were used to. We expect Grey’s Anatomy season 20 to follow the footsteps of its immediate predecessor and stream somewhere around 20 episodes.

The strikes have also shut down the production schedule of Grey’s Anatomy season 20. Previously, all the seasons followed a predetermined schedule and were released in the fall of subsequent years. Unfortunately, the 20th installment of this medical drama won’t be expected to follow a similar schedule. According to People, there is a halt in the schedule, which will disrupt the long-followed schedule of Grey’s Anatomy for the first time, resulting in the longest gaps of the show.

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