In Love All Over Again Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

In Love All Over Again Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?
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In Love All Over Again is a Spanish tv series created by Carlos Montero. The drama aired on February 14, 2023, and gained the audience’s love. After the spectacular ending of Season 1, many want to know about Season 2 renewal. The internet is buzzing with Julio and Irena’s story, but desperately waiting for Season 2.

One of the popular questions that have been popping up since the show aired. Don’t worry. In this article, you’ll find the answers to your question,” In Love All Over Again Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?”

In Love All Over Again Season 2

Love is supposed to be the most exquisite feeling, and while it has its ugly sides, people often forget about it. It’s not even our fault we read about happily-ever-after endings or watch movies/series in which the hero and heroine live on happily till the end. The perspective about the whole ‘In love’ has been so simplified that it’s believed to be that easy while it’s entirely another thing. In Love All Over Again has shown that no, it’s not always happily ever after. The story of Julio and Irena showed the side of relationships, the ugly one. However, it showed that no matter how many times. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. 

Is Love All Over Again Season 2 renewed or canceled?

One thing we know for a fact is that the series is going to be a hit. The chemistry both the actors have are undeniably beautiful & we can talk about the storyline’s simplicity too. The theme is basic: two people falling in love and falling out of it nearly over two decades. From 2003 to 2022, the story revolves around them & the obstacles they face. Netflix’s original series In Love All Over Again aired its first Season on February 14, 2023. 

In love all over again | Official trailer | Netflix

In Love All Over Again was just released on Valentine’s Day, and fans are still not over it. So, it’s still gaining traffic, it’s better to say the show might get renewed, but since no official announcements, we can’t be sure. The show is incredibly doing well & if the traffic keeps coming with the same enthusiasm, it’ll just be a matter of time for Creators to announce Season 2. Also, the show ended with a mystery that indicates In Love All Over Again Season 2 might get renewed. 

In Love All Over Again Season 1 ending (Spoiler Alert!):

In Season one, we saw the ambitious Irena, who arrives in Madrid to become a film director. She’s in a Long distance relationship with her boyfriend, Fer, at home, Castellon. Once she steps into the film school in her short film, she wants to cast Julio as the main lead. At one afterparty she approached him with the request, which he accepted politely. The air between them shifts when a bomb goes off in Madrid, resulting in Fer coming from Castellon to be on the side of Irena. After Julio invites her to an event. She declines, thinking all he wants is arm candy.

In Love All Over Again Season 2

They drift apart & years later, Irena is getting married to guess who? For, her long time on and off lover. On her wedding day, she finally finds the courage to watch the film Julio made for her. After watching the film, she leaves him an emotional voice note. Before the ceremony, Julio walks in demanding a minute with Irena. He discloses that he’s been offered a role in a big film. However, he’ll agree on one term if Irena will be the Director. With that, the season finale rolled in bidding us goodbye with glimpses of confused Irena.