Inside Job Part 2: Everything you need to know

inside job part 2
Credit: Netflix

Is Inside Job Part 2 in the making? Read on to know more.

Animation for adults. Sounds familiar yet interesting, right? Simpsons, Family Guy, BoJack Horseman, Ricky and Morty, and the list is endless. In this newfound entertainment, adults find their ideal binging source. Adding to the list is Inside Job.

Those who have no clue about this show, let us indulge you in this American adult animated comedy-drama with touches of science fiction that has emerged from the creation of Shion Takeuchi, who is best known for Gravity Falls. It is a workplace comedy that revolves around Reagan Ridley, a tech genius, and her ambition to make it to the top of the shadow state organization Cognito Inc.

Yes, the drama is set in a world where controversies are real, and an organization like Cognito Inc. indeed controls the world. Ridley and her new partner work together along with reptilian shapeshifters, a human-dolphin hybrid, and a sapient mushroom as well. The show had gained numerous acclaims and huge ratings that made it fans’ favorite. Part 1 of Season 1 aired on October 22, 2021, on Netflix. 

inside job part 2

Fans have been patiently waiting for Inside Job episodes to return on screen. With the grand success of the 10 episodes from Part 1, viewers are all the more hungry for Inside Job Part 2. Just for your information, Inside Job made into the top 10 lists of 36 countries including the United States. Netflix might have been weeping with joy.

So, here is everything you need to know about Inside Job Part 2.

 Inside Job Part 2 Release Date

Inside Job was destined to have 20 episodes. Part 1 aired 10 episodes already, and we are to get another 10 episodes very soon as Part 2 of Season 1. Even though we have not gotten any official announcement regarding the premiere date, we can expect it sometime in 2022 itself.

Inside Job Part 2 First Look

We had a glimpse of Inside Job Part 2 at Netflix’s Geeked Week. But here we have the First Look to share with you.

Inside Job Part 2: What can we expect?

Reagan has been trying very hard to own that coveted position of CEO. But at the end of Part 1, we saw Rand Ridley being reinstated as the CEO of Cognito Inc. Therefore, Inside Job Part 2 will probably be a ball of vengeful fire for Reagan Ridley. This might propel her to fire her father like ages ago when he tried to expose the Deep State.

This time she has to make a wise choice. Either she compromises her father for the sake of her career, which will eventually make her a serious candidate before the Shadow Board, or she will expose the Deep State. Eventually, what she chooses to do is to be seen in Inside Job Part 2.

inside job part 2

Inside Job Part 2 Cast

The main cast is expected to be back for Inside Job Part 2, including: 

  • Reagan Ridley (a socially awkward yet a brilliant robotic engineer who works at Cognito Inc. and wants ‘to make the world a better place’) — Lizzy Caplan
  • Randall ‘Rand’ Ridley ( Reagan’s father, Tomiko’s ex-husband, former CEO and co-founder of Cognito Inc. Earlier fired from his position as he nearly exposed the Deep State; reinstated as the CEO at the end of Part 1) — Christian Slater
  • Brett Hand ( a yes-man from Washington D.C.; a caring and sensitive person who wants to bring out the best in his peers and colleagues) — Clark Duke
  • Gigi (a fast-talking public relations officer– Head of Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages at Cognito and the queen bee of all gossip sessions) — Tisha Campbell
  • J.R. Schiempough ( former  CEO of Cognito Inc. in Part 1, also a smooth speaker who can wriggle his way out of any worsening situation) — Andy Daly
  • ROBOTUS (a robotic replacement of the President of the United States; locked up by Reagan in Cognito’s basement) — Chris Diamantopoulos
  • Glenn Dolphman (a human-dolphin hybrid soldier responsible for weapons of the organization) — John DiMaggio
  • Dr. Andre Lee (a free-spirited and anxious biochemist who experiments on a wide range of narcotics) — Bobby Lee
  • Magic Myc (a psychic mushroom-like species hailing from Hollow Earth who has the ability to read people’s minds) — Brett Gelman

inside job part 2

How many episodes will be there in Inside Job Part 2?

As mentioned earlier, Season 1 is supposed to have 20 episodes. Since Part 1 already had 10 episodes, Inside Job Part 2 will also have 10 episodes.

Where to watch Inside Job Part 2?

You can catch up with Inside Job Part 1 episodes on Netflix. Happy Binging!