Is FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 new tonight?

Is FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 new tonight?
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The fall season is here, but not the TV shows initially scheduled for this fall. Indeed, 2023 has been a year full of surprises, but no one had ever thought of this surprise where the productions of all the TV shows and movies would be put on halt so immediately. It’s sad to confirm that FBI: Most Wanted’s season 5 is also caught in this loop. That means, we won’t get to see the latest season this fall or even this year.

For those unversed, FBI: Most Wanted features a Fugitive Task Force whose job is to capture the notorious criminals who have made it to the Bureau’s Most Wanted List. Led by Jess LaCroix, the team works as a mobile undercover unit in the field, making criminals watch their backs. Premiered on January 7, 2020, the series was created by Rene Balcer and produced by Wolf Entertainment. With four seasons already on its track, the show is ambitiously looking forward to its fifth run.

But the question arises, when can we expect the new season to premiere on CBS? Here’s what we know so far about it.

FBI: Most Wanted season 5 is not coming to CBS in October

FBI: Most Wanted Season 5: Is there any hope for September 2023?

When the WGA strike took flight in May 2023, the production houses assumed that it would be appeased in a month or two. However, that did not happen because it’s been almost five months and not only has the writers’ strike been going on but they are also joined by the actors’ SAG-AFTRA strike.

Under such circumstances, it’s far-fetched to assume that any new TV show, including FBI: Most Wanted season 5 would premiere on CBS or any other official network by early 2024. Even if the writers’ and actors’ strikes cease, given the fair deal is negotiated, the episodes would still need to be written and produced. In this regard, we can only expect FBI: Most Wanted season 5 to premiere on CBS in late 2024.

Regardless of season 5 premiering late, one thing will not change about it and that’s Alexa Davalos’ exit. Davalos played the role of Kristin Gaines for four seasons, but as confirmed by Deadline, she won’t be returning for the fifth one. The departure is considered to be “amicable”, despite it being a surprise for everyone, including the concerned actor. What will happen with her character, only the fifth season can tell!

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