Is It Cake Season 2? Updates: Will we get to see another season?

Is It Cake? Season 2
Credits: NETFLIX

Let’s take you back to your childhood days. Mom, I want a football-shaped cake this birthday, or I want a princess cake, or maybe my favorite cartoon cake would be a perfect choice. We, or our younger siblings, have always had these weird cake demands on our birthdays. But, most of the time, all we ended up getting was a 2-tier chocolate and vanilla cake. But what if your mother gave you a real football and asked you to cut it, only for you to find it is a real cake that’s too good to be true.

Well, now, this isn’t much of a dream. Thanks to the super-real cake videos that always be our uninvited guests on our social media feeds. But thankfully, if you were saved from it, you had Is It cake?. A reality show that streamed on Netflix recently and got an overwhelming response. And why not? It was a unique Master chef of cakes.

For the unversed, Is It cake? is a reality show in which the contestants or the incredibly talented bakers have come up with innovative and unbelievable ideas to create something new that is the same as any specific items like a purse or a chessboard, among others.

And now that Season 1 has ended, we are bound to be talking about Is It Cake? Season 2. If you are curious to know if the show will have a new season, here are all the updates.

Is It Cake? Season 2

Will there be a Is It Cake Season 2?

While there has been no official announcement by Netflix on the renewal or cancelation status of the show, for the sake of the overwhelming fandom shown to this show and the unexpected love showered, we can anticipate Is It Cake Season 2?. But that would not be anytime soon. At the latest, it is anticipated that it will premiere around 2023 if at all. So it is quite a wait fans.

If you are wondering what makes the show so sought-after, it actually became a hit for the concept, and the opportunity it gives to niche-specific talented bakers across the world to put their minds and hands to test, and the sweet-shocking moments between the judges and the host (Mike Davey). 

Is It Cake Release Date

Who would be the judges in Is It Cake Season 2?

Season 1 saw experts from different areas of expertise trying to find out a ‘real’ cake. Season 2 can be back with a different set of judges to add freshness or continue with the current ones, or maybe have a hybrid panel to introduce nostalgia with a tinge of surprise. Every episode had a trio of three new judges from different backgrounds, such as Daym Drops, Fortune Feimster and Ronnie Woo.

How will the contestants be selected?

Is It Cake Season Release Date

Now, as you can probably remember, this trend of “which is cake?” or “Is it cake?”, started from reels on Instagram, and soon these talented bakers came up together for the competition, where their skills, creativity, thinking were challenged. While similar methods can be used, the show is already successful enough to have keen bakers to be a part of it. There can be newer devised strategies to help achieve a more massive reach than the last time.

Where to watch Is It Cake?

Season 1 is available on Netflix.

Is It Cake? Recap

Is It Cake Season 2

This show was hosted by Mike Davey along with other judges, who try to guess which one is actually the cake. The show gets funnier and exciting as we watch the judges’ reactions and astonishment to the contestants’ ideas in every new episode. 

While the judges and the competition had challenged the participants, it was also the other way around, every different episode their level of creativity and making the impossible possible would challenge the judges. 

We all know that only one winner can reach the top only if they pass through all the four rounds of the “Winner Stays on” with the following three more challenging rounds, from which the winner of each will go to the finale.

The winner of the Finale round will be going back home with a $50,000 check and the runners up with a bonus amount in their bank accounts.

*Spoilers ahead*

Who won Is It Cake? 

Is It Cake? Season 2

The winner of the final battle in Season 1 was Andrew Fuller, who was declared the winner in the last episode of “Winner Fakes all” beating the other finalists like Hemu Basu and April Julian.

What their biggest challenges were in the final round was to fool three Celebrity Guests from Loni Love, Bobby Moynihan, and Karamo Brown.

The winner created this realistically looking suitcase with edible clothes spilling out of the bag while the cake was made of white velvet cake and espresso buttercream, while the other one was pistachio cake with honey-rose buttercream and fig jam. 

April, the runner up made a sewing machine with moving parts made of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. But unfortunately, on the other hand, the judges got Hemu’s cake correct so that led to termination from the round. 

The show ends with Andrew going back home with $80,000. $50,000 being the winning amount and the $30,000 were from the round of “Winner Stays on”.

Hemu was given $10,000 while April went home with $15,000.

In conclusion, people with a sweet tooth would have a fiesta on this show, who knows it might inspire you enough to try your hands at baking yourself? Who knows you can be your group’s April for the next house party?