Is It Cake? Season 3: What’s the possibility of its renewal?

Is It Cake Season 3: What's the possibility of its renewal?

“We’ve assembled ten of the best hyper-realistic cake artists in the world. Your job is to try & fool the judges that we have invited to
spot your fakes.”

Did you ever think a day will come when you’ll be genuinely confused? Is It Cake or not? Well, the days have arrived & we, as the audience, are trying hard, like the celebrity judges to figure out which one is the cake. Luckily, we got it easier since we could see who was baking what! Mikey Day enjoys cutting or smashing through objects, although we enjoy that too. Before we jump right into & discuss the second season’s winner creation, let’s take a moment to get through the rules.

These are simple if you are successful in fooling a judge through your cake, you get promoted to the next stage & ultimately win $100000. They have to survive for eight whole episodes. Those who get eliminated are more than welcome to stay behind & observe others or help & support the finalists’ baking efforts. The second season’s winner is Elizabeth London, who created an identical tool bag cake & fooled the judges! Now, we can jump on the renewal possibility of Is It Cake? Season 3.


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What’s the possibility of Is It Cake? Season 3 renewal?

The possibility of that happening seems more positive since the second season has been a success! We are gonna chitchat about it, although before that, let’s appreciate the creators & others for such a remarkable show! All thanks to Dan Cultforth & Jane Lipsitz for pitching the idea & creating the show. Although, the show won’t have gained that much success if it was not for Mikey Day as the presenter & Alex Van Wagner as its director! If we are in such a grateful mood, why not take a moment to appreciate Netflix for giving Is It Cake? a reality show platform? 

Is It Cake Season 3 What's the possibility of its renewal?
Credits: Netflix

Now, coming back to the possibility of Is It Cake? Season 3 renewal doesn’t seem so foreign to us. Allow us to bring our list to light. The first point regarding why a third installment can happen is the budget-friendly format! The tone is almost right, even though there is a good bit of money at stake here. Everyone seems to be having a great time. The show is affordable as compared with other reality shows. 

Our second reason would be the fun show hosted by Saturday Night Live cast member Mikey Day. We know it is not that much logical reason, although you’ll be amazed how much the audience loves Day & his hosting skills (there’s a reason why he is a member of SNL) since the show doesn’t require Day to be in every second of each episode, it can fit right into his schedule! 

Is It Cake Season 3: What's the possibility of its renewal?
Credits: Netflix

Our third & final reasoning is the one you guessed correctly. Yes, the popularity of the show! The viewership is excellent & the audience loves this gameplay too. The cherry on the top, the fans of different celebrity judges come around to watch the show, initially for their ideals, but later they get hooked by the fun format. Even in the second season, we saw Ally Love, Dixie D’Amelio, Charli D’Amelio, Jeff Dye, Nico Santos, Anna Camp, Taylor Tomlinson & others.

If Is It Cake? Season 3 looks so promising, when can we hope it to air? We do expect from everyone that they are aware of the renewal status. It’s still unclear since nothing has been said officially. Although, if we are gonna guess, the third installment is gonna air in early 2024. Why? The first season came out in March 2022, followed by the second season, which aired on June 30, 2023. The format seems to be one season per year, which makes it clear the third installment is set to return in 2024! Hopefully, Mikey Day will return as the host until that happens, allowing us to keep you all up to date with the latest entertainment news!