Is The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 canceled?

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Will Mickey Haller be back with another round of defense litigations against society-dubbed criminals?

Or has it been canceled? Continue reading to find out!

It is all but a game of verdict and pleading guilty in a courtroom. The Lincoln Lawyer has flared our retinas open with its mind-numbing cases for two long seasons and has done a commendable job in convincing us that law and justice are not written in black and white. Depicting a discourse from the original trajectory of a simple verdict system, attorney Mickey Haller takes on unconventional cases where he sides with the supposed guilty party.

He proves time and again that the line between what is considered lawful and what isn’t is actually a blurry line that is jeopardized continuously by the top authorities of the societal system. This incessant need to not succumb to societally determined trajectories and to win the cases has made Lincoln Lawyer a legal drama favorite of its ever-growing fan base.

Season 2 Part 2 made its debut a handful of days back on August 3rd, leaving the fans in wonderment for a possible future Season 3, given that the Season 2 finale left us in the throes of a massive cliffhanger. Ever since its inception in Season 1 in May 2022, we have been hooked on this legal thriller.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: Expected release date, cast, plot, production status and more
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Sown into the existing fabric of other prime-time legal series such as Suits and How to Get Away with Murder, Lincoln Sawyer has captured the undivided attention of the legal drama fan base. According to the Deadline, The Witcher Season 3 has been dethroned, and Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 has taken the hot seat on the week of July 10 to July 16 with 8.3M views across five episodes.

Given its reverberating presence and undisputed viewership ratings, the signal for greenlighting The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 seems positive. However, the real question is when? If you are dawning on the same question, look no further. We at Web News Observer have gathered intel on the subject of Season 3 and its purported arrival on Netflix. Keep reading to decipher.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Renewal: Is It Canceled?

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As mentioned above, Season 2 Part 2 of Lincoln Lawyer was released on August 3, 2023, and it garnered tumultuous viewership ratings, so it is only fitting for a Season 3 renewal to be announced by the streaming giant. In traditional capacity and what is considered a convention of sorts, Netflix has the habit of declaring a resurrection status to a series for a progressive season 1-2 months after its arrival. Since Season 2 Part 2 only got released in August, it is best we wait until at least October to receive a renewal announcement.

While no announcement of a renewal has not been made yet, it is dubious to think the series has been canceled. However, recent updates suggest that a Season 3 renewal is officially underway.

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The most recent The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 news comes with confirmation from the co-creator that season 2 wasn’t the end and that Mickey will be returning once again for another season. According to co-creator and showrunner Ted Humphrey, the third season of The Lincoln Lawyer will be based on the fifth book in the Mickey Haller series, Gods of Guilt. In Gods of Guilt, Mickey is called in to defend a murder suspect. However, after taking the case, he goes to investigate the body and learns it is a repeat client that he helped before — Gloria Dayton, a sex worker that Mickey had helped as an attorney and “put on the straight and narrow path.” Humphrey said the book is perfect for Mickey’s place in life right now. Ted Humphrey, showrunner for the Netflix hit series, confirmed that he and his writing team had already been working on a season 3 before the WGA began their strike action.

Hence, a Season 3 renewal is officially on the books, but we are yet to speculate the Herculean effect the ongoing strike situation will have on the upcoming season and the consequent delay it will cause.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Arrival: Ongoing Strike Will Affect It

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Everything was in the works for Season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer until a grave strike situation shook Hollywood to its core, sending innumerable productions into an indefinite hiatus, not giving them any wiggle room to come out of. May 2023 witnessed the onslaught of the gravest writer’s protest in the form of the WGA union. Amidst the protest, several competing networks updated their fall broadcast schedules in anticipation of the dissipation of the strikes within the next month.

However, in July, the actors union SAG-AFTRA also joined in the protest for their wage rights and better protection against the hindsight of Artificial Intelligence. The last time such a large-scale strike sent Hollywood productions into an indefinite hiatus was 63 whole years ago! We are currently in the third month of this double-strike situation, and there are no hopes for any reconciliation through negotiations.

In a recent meeting held for the first time in more than three months, the Writers Guild and the AMPTP on Friday failed to reach an agreement to resume contract negotiations. Their inability to agree on terms for returning to the bargaining table comes after their much-anticipated meeting to discuss a possible resumption of talks.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

“As of now, there is no agreement on these items, because the AMPTP said they needed to consult with their member studios before moving forward,” the union said in a statement recently.

This caused massive confusion and buzz amidst the fandom. We are currently nearing the end of three months of the strike, and no bouts of development or simmering down have been reported. However, we have come across a recent announcement sharing a possible retreat from the indefinite hiatus situation caused by the strike.

Hollywood’s striking writers and major studios have agreed to hold talks on Friday for the first time since their strike began over higher pay demands in May 2023. “We’ll be back in communication with you sometime after the meeting with further information,” the committee told its members in its note. Though it seems like good news, that doesn’t mean that the chance of the series being delayed further is still on the table if the strikes gain more momentum and don’t reach a resolution within the next few weeks, especially after the meeting. The current strikes and their widespread implications are no stranger to Hollywood as it has severely affected the fate of scripted shows. So, the fate of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3  also rests upon the progress of the strikes. So far as 2023 is concerned, we can safely say that it will not be joining us.

So when can we expect a safe predicted release window for the new season?

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Release Date: Any Further Speculation?

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Since a semi-formal confirmation by the creator of the show himself has reached us, we are positive about the arrival of a Season 3 or our beloved legal courtroom drama. However, so long as the strike is on, we cannot expect any further developments on the scripts to be written since the writers are officially on strike. Similarly, we cannot expect a production stage given that the filming needs to take place first, and the actors are on strike as well. Not to mention, the entire process takes about 18 months to complete for a full Season to be released by the network. In that sense, Netflix is playing the field and not putting all its eggs in one basket. Instead, it is stalling the renewal announcement until any bouts of development hint at the strike situation.

However, this does not stop us from processing a calculated guess on the arrival of Season 3, given that it is renewed within the next month. In that case, we are hoping the strike will come to a conclusion within the next two months. Based on this premise, we can expect Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 to arrive by early 2025, taking into account the entire process up until the release.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Cast: Who Will Reprise Their Roles?

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Will there be another season or not?
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The main cast members who are speculated to return in the third season are as follows:

  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, a criminal defense lawyer and recovering addict
  • Adan James Carillo as young Mickey Haller
  • Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson, Mickey’s first ex-wife-and-a-criminal-prosecutor
  • Becki Newton as Lorna Crane, Mickey’s second ex-wife and his legal aide
  • Jazz Raycole as Izzy Letts, a former addict and client of Mickey, now working as his personal driver
  • Angus Sampson as Cisco, Mickey’s friend and go-to investigator and Lorna’s fiancé.

The respective guest stars are also a major subject of change for future installments, just as they were during the first and second seasons. On the other hand, the new members who joined the second season can also return, which includes:

  • Lana Parrilla as Lisa Trammell, a chef accused of murdering a real estate developer
  • Yaya DaCosta as Andrea “Andy” Freeman, a formidable criminal prosecutor in Trammell’s case
  • Matt Angel as Henry Dahl, a true crime podcaster covering Trammell’s case
  • Angélica María as Elena, Mickey’s mother
  • Douglas Bennett as Pete “Kaz” Kazinski, a member of the Road Saints Motorcycle Club.

As the premiere date for Season 3 approaches, new details on the cast will be released along the way, and we will be the first to inform you about it, so stay tuned to this space.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Plot: What Can We Expect?

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Will it be renewed or not?

*Spoiler Alert*

The second season saw the trial of Lisa Trammell end, with Mickey Haller being able to get a “not guilty” verdict in the cast. While he got her off from Mitchell Bondurant’s murder, there was a chance she had other skeletons in her closet. When Mickey learned that Alex Grant’s associate Walter Kim might have been guilty. At the same time, he begins to suspect that Lisa is the mastermind pulling the strings. Then, at the end of the second season, someone tried to kill Mickey in an auto accident.

That is when Mickey went to Lisa and realized, thanks to her defensive nature, that she was guilty of murdering her husband or at least pulling the strings to have him murdered. Mickey then figured out that Lisa also killed Jeff Trammell, and when the police dug up the body, she was back on trial for a new murder, this time without Mickey in her corner. However, the very end of the episode set up The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 story. It put Mickey in a difficult spot. He was called in to work on the case of someone accused of murdering Giselle Dallinger. However, when he went to identify the body, he saw it was his repeat client, Glory Days.

Looks like Mickey will start questioning his role as a defense lawyer as his track record of proving criminals to be innocent only to later find out that they are not. Additionally, we can expect progressive mysteries inter webbed and shrouded under criminals with innocent faces who use Haller as a protective shield to literally get away with murder.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Will it be renewed or not?

To understand the plot for Season 3 better, take a look at the episode run-down of Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer:

Episode 1

The Rules of Professional Conduct
55 mins

Mickey meets a new client, deals with a request, and makes a new connection. Lorna struggles with work and school.

Episode 2

55 mins

Mickey turns to Legal Siegel after getting stuck in a tricky situation. A new strategy helps a client resolve a problem.

Episode 3

55 mins

Mickey has to think quickly after he takes on a high-profile murder case. Lorna begins to have second thoughts about Cisco.

Episode 4

55 mins

As his team works overtime to help Lisa, Mickey comes up with a new way to assist a teenager.

Episode 5

Suspicious Minds
55 mins

Cisco risks it all to help a friend. Mickey plays a risky game with Andrea inside the courtroom.

The Lincoln Lawyer | Season 2 Part 1 Official Trailer | Netflix

Episode 6

55 mins

Izzy wrestles with regret as Mickey recovers from a brutal encounter.

Episode 7

Cui Bono
55 mins

Lisa’s trial begins, but a mysterious letter offers some potentially game-changing information.

Episode 8

Covenants and Stipulations
55 mins

Andrea unveils a key piece of evidence, forcing Mickey to re-evaluate his strategy.

Episode 9

The Fifth Witness
55 mins

Mickey and Lorna attempt to cast doubt on an unexpected witness’s emotional testimony.Where To Watch

Episode 10

Bury Your Past
55 mins

The defense rests, and the verdict is determined, but Mickey has more to learn about Lisa.

As new updates before the release of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 surfaces, we will be sure to update them here, so stay tuned to this space!

This series consists of seven novels, namely:

  1. The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)
  2. The Brass Verdict (on which Season 1 is based) (2008)
  3. The Reversal (2010)
  4. The Fifth Witness(2011) (on which Season 2 is based)
  5. The Gods of Guilt (2013)
  6. The Law of Innocence(2020)
  7. Resurrection Walk (2023, November 7th) pre-order from Amazon.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Trailer: Is It Out?

Since a formal renewal announcement for Season 3 has still not been made by Netflix, and given that its supposed arrival will be a considerable while, we do not possess the official trailer for Lincoln Lawyer Season 3. However, if and when we do come across the same, we will be sure to update you.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Season 2 Part 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer:

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 | Part 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Stay tuned to this space to know more!