Jennifer Lopez boldly responds to reporter who asked about Ben Affleck divorce rumors

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/ Instagram

JLo knows how to put people in their place.

During a Wednesday press event in Mexico City, where the 54-year-old actress was promoting her new sci-fi film ‘Atlas,’ an unidentified reporter suddenly asked the songstress about her current situation with husband Ben Affleck amidst the divorce buzz.

In a video shared on Instagram, the reporter was heard inquiring, “Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real? These rumors?” before layering another question, “What is the truth? Para le press le Mexicana [for the Mexican press], what is the truth of the situation?”

In a room full of perplexed reporters, Lopez’s co-star Simu Liu shot back at the reporter saying, “Okay we’re not doing that,” before putting on a grateful tone and adding, “Thank you so much guys, we really appreciate it. Thank you.” But JLo was ready to face the heat. Laughing off the unprofessional question at first, she leaned forward, put on a more serious tone while glaring directly at the reporter, and said, “You know better than that.”

Liu instantly added, “C’mon, don’t come in with that energy, please.” The ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend Of the Ten Rings’ actor further spoke about JLo’s professional work ethic, saying, “If I could just end on one thing,” adding, “Jen is a producer on this movie and the reason why I am here and why Sterling [K. Brown] was in this beautiful movie because Jen cares. And Jen cares about things like representation and diversity, and she’s a boss.” The press ended on a lighter note when Lopez spoke to the press in Spanish (her mother tongue) saying, “Thank you. No one asked me anything in Spanish but okay.”

The ‘Dance Again’ singer has been busy promoting her upcoming Netflix movie amidst split rumors between her and her husband Affleck. The ‘Daredevil’ actor was neither present beside his wife during the Atlas Monday premiere in Los Angeles nor in its Tuesday premiere in Mexico City. Page Six sources revealed that the 51-year-old actor was dining in the popular restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on the same day his wife was promoting her movie in Mexico City.

Jennifer Lopez name-dropped Ben Affleck on Jimmy Kimmel Live amid separation rumors
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This week, an insider close to Lopez reported to People Magazine that their marriage is “not in the best place at the moment,” which was testified by other sources, who also added that the two were living separately. In fact, sources revealed that Affleck has been trying to find another home in Los Angeles.

Recently, a source reported to Page Six that Affleck has “come to his senses” and realizes his marriage to the “Jenny from the Block” singer is reaching an end. The insider further revealed to the outlet on Monday, “If there was a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he would,” before adding, “He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream, and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”

The split rumors began prancing when some Page Six-clicked photographs showed the ‘Argo’ actor leaving a home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, where he was allegedly living separately from his wife.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck
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However, the couple has the reporters confused as they appeared together after a month last Friday, attending a play featuring Lopez’s 15-year-old daughter, Seraphina. Following this, on Sunday, the two attended a movie event at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, California, casually shrugging off the rumors.

For the unversed, Affleck and JLo met on the sets of Gigli in 2001 and got engaged in 2004 before calling it off. They reunited after decades and rekindled their romance before getting married in a private ceremony in Vegas, in 2022.