Law and Order, SVU and Organized Crime Cast Updates: Who’s in and who’s out?

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In the middle of so many hits and bits releasing these days, the fans are getting mad behind the Law and Order franchise. Jumping from those from mega-producer Dick Wolf, then the One Chicago franchise, and the FBI franchise, we landed on the Law and Order franchise with its launch that happened way back in the fall of 1990. Since then, they have released a number of hit shows adopting the dynamic personality of time and quality consistency at the same time. Over the course of all these decades, there’s one thing that has never changed, the amazing series that have made up the franchise.

Law and Order has a long-laid history that can be designed into a storyline with its milestones and changing dynamics. In this path, a lot of actors have come and gone over the years. The fate was decided as storylines dictated and when actors decided to move on to new projects.


It’s high time that we start looking ahead to the new seasons of NBC’s hit franchise and check out the shakeups happening in Law and Order. Are you ready to check out the latest casting for Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Organized Crime? Let’s see who is going out and who’s coming in!

Who is leaving the show Law and Order franchise?

You might be surprised to know that Anthony Anderson, who reprised his role as Detective Kevin Bernard in season 21, is moving out of Law and Order, discontinuing his tenure at the franchise. He won’t return as a series regular in the show’s upcoming seasons. Through a one-year deal, Anthony Anderson agreed to return for NBC’s Law & Order reboot.

New faces in Law and Order franchise?

While the fans are disappointed by the news of Anthony Anderson leaving the show, NBC has tapped Supergirl alum Mehcad Brooks to join the Law & Order cast in season 22 to appear as a series regular. Will Mehcad Brooks be able to fill the void left by Anthony? According to Deadline, no character name or description has been revealed for Brooks yet. Another star joining the cast is Grimm alum Claire Coffee. According to TVline, Claire will be playing a lawyer. But her casting season is not clear in the upcoming season.


Law and Order Season 22 Cast

For the upcoming season of Law and Order, the expected actors who are all set to return for the season are as follows:

Jeffrey Donovan as Detective Frank Cosgrove, Hugh Dancy as Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price, Odelya Halevi as Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun, Camryn Manheim as Lt. Kate Dixon, Sam Waterston as District Attorney Jack McCoy, and Mehcad Brooks with Claire Coffee, whose roles are not clear so far. Mehcad Brooks is likely to join as a police detective.

The executive producers of the show are Rick Eid, Arthur Forney, and Peter Jankowski. the show went under renewal on May 10, 2022, just before the finale of Season 21 of Law and Order. The twenty-second season of the Law and Order series – the American police procedural and legal drama, will premiere on September 22, 2022, on NBC.