Law & Order: SVU Season 25: When will the scripts be ready?

Law & Order: SVU Season 25: Is there any hope for September 2023?
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Renewed for a 25th season on April 10, 2023, fans expected the brand-new instalment to premiere on their screens by the end of this year. Unfortunately, no one expected what was in their way in May. With the writers’ and actors’ strikes disrupting the production schedules of all broadcast television shows, the network was left with no choice but to feature competition shows or reruns. This became a major concern for fans.

Fortunately, five months later, on September 27, 2023, the WGA union officially announced the end of their strike and it couldn’t be more exhilarating to know that a fair deal was reached between the concerned parties. With that said, everyone is wondering when will the writers’ room resume their work and when will the cameras start rolling.

Law & Order SVU Season 25 is not coming to NBC in September 2023

For those unversed, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a part of Dick Wolf’s Law & Order coterie, becoming the longest-running primetime U.S. live-action series in the history of television. Modeled around the original Law & Order in terms of the content of the episodes, the off-shoot features episodes that are loosely based on real crimes that have received significant media attention.

That being said, here’s everything you need to know about the production schedule of Law & Order: SVU Season 25.

Law & Order: SVU Season 25: When will the writers resume the work?

Law & Order: SVU Season 25: Release date speculation, characters that will reprise their roles, plot and more

When the writers’ strike first took flight in May 2023, everyone expected it to be appeased within a week or two. Cut to five months later, in September it was still strong until, fortunately, the fair deal was negotiated that officially marked the end of WGA’s strike. Consequently, the writers are now expected to begin their work in full force.

Per Deadline, the writers are expected to resume the work as soon as possible. By the next week, as the writers’ room opens, the writers are expected to start working on the new scripts. This just shows that in addition to the ardent fans of the show, it is also the crew members and the rest of the NBC team are also extremely excited to initiate the production process.

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However, this still does not guarantee an early premiere for Law & Order: SVU Season 25. Although the writers’ strike has ended, the SAG-AFTRA strike heralded by the actors, is still ongoing. So, even though the writers would have completed writing the brand-new scripts, the cameras won’t begin rolling unless the actors’ strike ends in the upcoming weeks.

If the SAG-AFTRA strike ends by 2023, we can expect Law & Order: SVU Season 25 to premiere in the first quarter of 2024. (Fingers crossed!)

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