Lenovo Announces 3-Year Extension Program With CIT

Lenovo has announced on Thursday that the company is extending a 3-year Lenovo Financial Services Program with the CIT to continue its decade-long relationship. According to the company, the new extension will help to provide a wide range of financing solutions for US-based customers and clients, who use Lenovo’s extensive range of high-tech products and services.

With the help of the Lenovo Financial Services Program, CIT offers solutions to its customers to easily finance or lease the advanced and high-tech products and services of Lenovo. Furthermore, the CIT further said that it supports all the indirect and direct sales channels of the company from small businesses to large enterprises and organizations.

Lenovo Executive Director of Worldwide Device as a Service and Lenovo Financial Services, Rob Makin said, “For 10 years, CIT has served as a trusted financing and services provider for Lenovo, giving our U.S. customers the flexibility they may need to incorporate advanced technology solutions into their businesses.”

“Extending this relationship strengthens our ability to make smarter technology available for all, whether through outright leases or participation in Lenovo’s Device as a Service Program,” Rob Makin further added.

President of CIT’s Business Capital Division, Mike Jones said, “We’re excited to continue our longstanding and successful relationship with Lenovo.”

“CIT is committed to providing customers with the financial agility and flexibility to meet their unique needs. Our Lenovo Financial Services program demonstrates that commitment by showcasing CIT’s ability to deliver the right financing solutions for customers of a leading technology company,” Mike Jones further added.

About CIT:

CIT is basically a leading national bank focused on providing critical financial assistance to businesses and individuals in a bid to navigate their goals. The financial company has experienced nearly 100 years and it operates a subsidiary of the principal bank.

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