Life & Beth Season 2 is on the way; Here’s everything you need to know

Life and Beth Season 2
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“I’m a woman.” Beth replied to the MRI Technician when she was asked about any pre-existing conditions. It might sound hilarious at the moment but later leaves us pondering over the memories and experiences she has gone through. Not giving any more spoilers in case you haven’t watched it yet. 

It hasn’t been long since the first season of Life & Beth was released, and fans have already been speculating about Life & Beth Season 2. Created by Amy Schumer, who also stars in, the dramedy follows the life of Beth, whose seemingly picture-perfect life doesn’t feel like it anymore when a certain personal incident leads her to introspection.

Life and Beth Season 2

If you have already watched it, you know what we are talking about and must also be wondering when is Life & Beth Season 2 coming. Here’s everything we know about Life & Beth Season 2:

Life & Beth Season 2 Renewal Status

The official Twitter handle of Life & Beth has recently announced the renewal of the series for a second season. We can bet that the Life & Beth fandom won’t be able to keep their calm after the confirmation as we, too, are failing to do so. 

Life & Beth Season 2 Release Date

There hasn’t been any confirmation regarding the release date for the sophomore season of Life & Beth. However, we can expect it to hit the streaming platform earliest by Winter 2022. 

Life & Beth Season 2 Trailer

It’s too early to ask for a trailer since all we have for now is the confirmation that Life & Beth Season 2 is happening. Till then, do take a look at the trailer of the first season in case you haven’t watched it yet or just want to relive the bittersweet journey of Beth: 

Life & Beth Official Trailer | Hulu

Life & Beth Season 2 Plot

On paper, Beth has a perfect life, a good job, and a stable relationship, and her life in Manhattan seems like a life some people might kill for, and she doesn’t have much of a problem with it too. However, her mother’s death brought everything into perspective, and she realizes the ups and downs of her childhood that shaped her present and what she is today. By the end of the first season, Beth left her job and chose to pursue a relationship with John while trying to mend her relationship with her sister.

In Life & Beth Season 2, we can expect the storyline to get picked up from where it was left off in the last season. We might see Beth looking for a new job while trying to keep her friends and family closer than ever. 

Life & Beth Season 2 Cast

Another Life 9

  • Amy Schumer plays Beth

Amy is an actress as well as a stand-up comedian. She was last seen in the American Psychological drama film, The Humans in 2021. 

  • Violet Young plays young Beth
  • Michael Cera plays John

He is a Canadian actor and musician. His latest work is The Boys Presents: Diabolical, where he voiced over in an episode. Along with Life & Beth, Michael will be a part of Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank and will be doing the voice-over of the main protagonist, Hank. 

  • Susannah Flood plays Ann
  • Yamaneika Saunders plays Maya
  • Michael Rapaport plays Leonard

Michael David Rapaport is an American actor and comedian and was last seen in the 2021’s Conflicted. 

  • Kevin Kane plays Matt
  • Laura Benanti plays Jane

Laura is an American actress and singer with a pretty impressive Broadway career in which she received five Tony Award nominations. 

  • Larry Owens plays Clark
  • Rosebud Baker plays Meri

Baker is an American comedian, actress, and writer. Recently she has started working for Saturday Night Live during its 47th season in February 2022

  • LaVar Walker plays Lavar
  • Gary Gulman plays Shlomo
  • Murray Hill plays Murray

Life and Beth Season 2

How many episodes will Life & Beth Season 2 have?

As per what’s been speculated, Life & Beth Season 2 is set to have 10 episodes in total, just like Season 1.

Where to watch Life & Beth?

Life & Beth can be streamed on Hulu.