Lip Blushing: Everything you need to know

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Credits: Pexels

The world is obsessed with the “This is how I wake up today” look, which says I am gorgeous even without makeup. The appearance of having no makeup on is intended to appear effortless. There are a variety of skills you must develop, from identifying the foundation that best fits your skin tone to learning the real art of makeup and choosing an accurate product that blends perfectly with your skin. This obsession with looking perfect all the time gave a whole new trend of permanent and semi-permanent makeup that is popular among celebrities, which is no secret.

The public is constantly watching celebrities who strive for perfection since they don’t want to face criticism in magazines for their poor appearance. Now they can appear fantastic at any time thanks to semi-permanent/permanent makeup. As a result, the paparazzi who were waiting outside to take an unflattering photo of them might be let down. Lip blushing is one of the most popular in this new trend of makeup which makes the procedure of the beauty game a little easier right now.

What is lip blushing?

lip blush 1This semi-permanent pigment-depositing procedure, like microblading, aims to provide the wearer with a flawlessly natural-looking outcome. It looks very different from the excessive, tattooed-on makeup of earlier times. Lip blushing adds an attractive color and texture to your lips that best suits your skin type and doesn’t seem fake.

Lip blushing is intended to add a little hint of attractive color to your lips and enhance their overall form. Once you are done with the lip blushing procedure, you don’t have to worry about purchasing costly gloss, lip tints, etc., to enhance your look, as you will already have those natural-looking, beautifully hydrated lips. Lip filler is another technique used by women to enhance it, to give them a plumper appearance. You can do both lip blushing and lip fillers, or just choose one. Though not every woman requires both, and only experts in this field can accurately determine your needs on an individual basis.

Where you should go for your lip blushing?

lip blush 2You shouldn’t allow just anyone to work on your lips, and only a permanent makeup artist, skilled cosmetic tattoo artist, dermatologist, and plastic surgeon should perform lip blushing. Match your expectations by doing a maximum of research. Before agreeing to any cosmetic procedure, check their previous work and reviews, and get suggestions from people who have performed this on themselves. No, wonder you need to be over precautious because even though you have opted for semi-permanent lip blushing still, it will be there for a long time, so you need to decide the best.

How long the procedure takes?

lip blush 4The procedure of lip blushing takes a full month as it has several sittings. The procedure of lip blushing has several steps, so it is required to wait for each one for a required amount of time for a perfect result. In case you are not happy with the result, you can consult your dermatologist for laser removal; however, as the lip blushing process is semi-permanent so it will fade away over time.