Long Slow Exhale Season 2: What we know so far

lomg slow exhale 2

Wondering if Long Slow Exhale Season 2 is happening? Read on to find out the latest updates.

A silent storm in her eyes, with the passion of a zealous eagle, she aimed for the hoop and had the three points leading her to victory. With the Spalding ball dribbling between her muscled legs, she calculates how to get the ball out and make it in time for a Lay-Up shot. A vivid scene might have come alive in our heads.

Yes, it is a game that is loved by multiple audiences worldwide. It has players like Michael B Jordan. Yes, it is Basketball. How many of us get excited when the NBA is going on and cannot move away from our TV screens? How many of us go and watch our High School or College matches and cheer up our home teams? 

Well, sport is a wonderful way to bind people together. It breaks barriers and crosses nations. It is both competitive and unifying. This is what makes sports a wonderful medium of expression. There is zeal and a powerful symbol around games. Sports dramas and sports thrillers tend to play with the power of sports in an interesting way. Talk about scams around steroids or murders, high school secrets, or bullying; they keep us covered.

Then there are shows like Long Slow Exhale that talk about a women’s team that dared to take a stance against the world, putting their reputations at stake. Season 1 premiered in 2022, and fans are already curious to know about Long Slow Exhale Season 2.

Here is everything we know so far about Long Slow Exhale Season 2.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2
Credits: Spectrum/BET

Will there be Season 2 of Long Slow Exhale?

No. As the first season aired only recently, we need to wait for the makers to see how the audience responds to the story before they decide whether to renew it for Season 2. The chances do remain that Long Slow Exhale Season 2 might get renewed as there have been multiple cliffhangers left in Season 1, and the show can kick off from there.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Expected Release Date

If Long Slow Exhale Season 2 does get renewed by 2022, we are anticipating a release by next year’s fall, that is, around September of 2023. But, we do not know as the makers might just be in for a surprise.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Expected Cast

As we are short on updates about who will be cast in Long Slow Exhale Season 2, we believe the core cast will be the same until further changes are announced. They are as follows,

  • Rose Rollins as J.C. Abernathy, the head coach
  • Lyriq Bent as Garrett, J.C.’s husband
  • Ian Harding as Eddie Hagan
  • Shalini Bathina as Emily Fisk
  •  Isabella LaBlanc as Elfrina
  • Jazmine Stewart as Verdelle
  • Samantha Bartow as Shannon
  • Brittney Elena as Corrine Porter
  • Gabrielle Byndloss as Vivian
  • Tony Gonzalez as Davon
  • Enya Flack as Jillian

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Expected Plot

lomg slow exhale 2 1

The show ends with the coach, J.C., getting stuck in a problem, along with her husband, when the body of the rape accused, assistant coach Eddie is found. The worse part is the coach had an affair with him and was in direct contact with him, which will spice things up here. How the protagonist deals with her sports ventures and how she is looked down upon will be taken more seriously in Long Slow Exhale Season 2, alongside the other girls who come out with their experiences of being sexually assaulted. There would be more light on the personal lives and a focus on the sophomore year. Can more murders happen? Who could have pulled it off so well? Long Slow Exhale Season 2 shall answer.

Long Slow Exhale Season 1 Recap

lomg slow exhale 2 2

The show that starts off as a celebration of a High School Girls’ Basketball team soon turns ugly when a girl accuses an assistant coach of rape, and her coach had been involved with him in an extramarital affair. In a deliberate attempt to save him, she gets stuck with the higher authorities of the High School, and then the biggest twist occurs that Eddie is found dead, and the dead body is found with J.C. and her husband. Now watch how her personal investigation and her quest for truth on revealing the crimes against women soon turn into a sinister murder plot. This show surely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

How many episodes will be there in Long Slow Exhale Season 2?

Season 1 had 12 episodes, so Long Slow Exhale Season 2 might just follow in the footsteps and drop 12 episodes. However, we will need to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

Where to watch Long Slow Exhale?

The show is a Spectrum Originals and can be watched on BET as well.