Love is Blind Season 4: When is it releasing?

Source: Netflix

Are the details for Love is Blind Season 4 out? Are you ready to venture back to the pods? While we are still watching Season 3, the fans must know that Love Is Blind Season 4 is in the works. We have just gotten acquainted with the cast of Season 3 and are getting introduced to the couples of the third season. Netflix is mapping out the next marathon for the show. Yes, Love is Blind Season 4 is confirmed and is in the works.

In Season 3, hopeful romantics are trying to find their person in Dallas, Texas. Love is Blind is one of the oddest reality shows we have come by. But undoubtedly, it is gold for the genre.


Love is Blind Season 4 might come up next year with the Seattle-based couples. This is just a rumor! While we watched the couples meeting in Atlanta in Love is Blind Season 1, Chicago in the second season, and Dallas in the third season, we can expect another cool location for the fourth season of the unique reality show. Netflix released new episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 every Wednesday. Since Nick and Vanessa Lachey had hosting duties for the first three seasons of the show and its spinoff, Love is Blind Season 4 may also get hosted by the same duo.

Love is Blind Season 4 might come up in 2023 as the third season is still under broadcasting. Till the time you are waiting for the announcements of Love is Blind Season 4, you can stay up to date with the third season and go through the series spinoff. Let’s keep in touch with the newly formed couples and see what is going on between them. Not many couples go far in life after getting engaged on the show. Love is Blind Season 4 will come up on Netflix with new relationship experiments. The fourth season will come up with more couples heading into the pods and, hopefully more weddings on the horizon.


Love is Blind Season 4 was confirmed by Netflix all the way back in March 2022. So, the streamer has been playing cards for a while. A similar pattern occurred in the previous season. Season 3 was confirmed while the second season was airing on Netflix. After a few months, the streaming giant Netflix announced that the popular dating reality show Love is Blind would be back for a fourth and a fifth season, each taking place in a different city. Not being sure about the production process, we just know that the makers have released the application forms for Love is Blind Season 4. The show makers frame a form that includes over 70 questions on applicants’ personalities, relationship history, and thoughts on marriage, and candidates must be over 21.


Checking the release pattern of the previous seasons, Love is Blind Season 1 dropped on Netflix in February 2020. The second season of this reality dating show came much later, in February 2022, with the pandemic being accountable for delays between the first two seasons. In the upcoming seasons, the fans are expecting a shorter gap as the third season came up in October 2022. So, Love is Blind Season 4 may hop in anytime around spring 2023.