Mask Girl Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

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Korean thriller shows capture the essence of family, the workplace, the importance of education, Government, and money in a way that makes for a wholesome viewing experience. People are always of the opinion that Korean thrillers take time to develop the plot due to the long watching hours, but what if we told you there is a show that fans love at the moment, and it is a fast-paced thriller? If Mask Girl comes to your mind, you are on the right track. Directed by Kim Yong Hoon, the series is based on a famous webtoon by the same name authored by Mae Mi.

With fast twists and turns and strong female characters, the fans are curious to know if there will be a second season. Based on the response to season one, the show has been on trending shows for over two weeks now and completed 19200000 viewing hours in the first 72 hours. The numbers are much greater now.

However, the fans are in for a surprise as there is ambiguity regarding Season 2. Is Mask Girl renewed for a second season? Here is all we know so far.

Mask Girl Season 2: Is it renewed?

Mask Girl S02

With over 2.8 million subscribers watching the show already, the show shall renew for a second season, but as of now, there is no announcement or concrete evidence to say the show will be back for a second season. It is ambiguous as there are high chances the show can be renewed, but there is no communication from the maker’s end to support the same. We shall wait and watch to see if this webtoon-turned-show finds a chance to hit the screens again.

When will Mask Girl Season 2 be released?

If Season 2 gets greenlit for a second season soon, we might hope for a late 2024 or early 2025 release. However, this is a mere prediction, the release date depends on several factors, the time taken for renewal being the most important.

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Cast of Mask Girl Season 2:

The same cast is expected to be back in season 2, if the show is renewed for their remarkable performances and relevance to the plot. They are,

  • Go Hyun Jung as Kim Mo Mi
  • Nana as Kim Mo Mi(She is different)
  • Ahn Jae Hong as Joo Oh Nam
  • Yeom Hye Ran as Kim Kyung Ja
  • Choi Daniel as Park Gi Hoon
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Expected plot of Mask Girl Season 2:

The show will pick off from Mo-mi’s death and how the attention is now on her daughter- Mi Mo. Now that a young Mi-mo can never see her mother or have the experience of true motherhood, she decides to go on with her life and seek refuge and family in Ye-chun’s house. What will happen when Mi-mo faces the trauma of her mother’s actions? What will her reaction be to this revelation? Will she embrace this dark truth with open arms? Will a young child inside her feel threatened by her mother’s online presence? Can she turn this curse into a blessing and turn into a music sensation? Only the next season can tell.

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Recap of Mask Girl Season 1:

*Spoiler Alert*

The story follows a very radical yet contemporary approach to how beauty standards tend to put down women and set them in a cast as to how they’re supposed to be if they want to be desirable. The main character here works in a normal office, trying to make a living, and is very insecure about herself. However, she is known as the Mask Girl Online, who makes a lot of money by uploading adult content, and the hearts convert to real money. She has many fans there, but in real life, she is lonely.

She’s very happy there until another colleague of hers who is on the same platform as a user figures out that it is her who is the Mask Girl because he has a crush on her virtual persona. He is an insecure man himself, wanting to fulfill his desires, and he probes a lot into the matter to find who the Mask Girl is. The revelation makes things sinister on both ends.

Mask Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

The uniqueness of the show is that it is divided into three different parts, where one part is concluding enough, but it leads to another where there is another story following up. After this, there is a murder that pushes the protagonist to change her face and get the dream face she always wanted through plastic surgery. It also brings in the story of other women who are involved in such practices and how men look at virtual women involved in adult content with derogatory slurs.

It also shows how she does not get a chance to bond with her daughter due to these reasons. She’s very protective of her, but towards the end of the show, she is murdered, and the show just ends there. The Revenge is being taken by her crush and colleague, who kills her.

This is where her daughter comes into the picture: she’s an aspiring young actor, and her mother is restrictive because of the way people perceive her because the field of acting is not very fulfilling. However, the daughter is keen on getting into the field and after the mother is murdered, though she’s grieving somewhere, she’s happy that she can now pursue her dream.

From here, the second season will start.

The show is extremely bold and questions practices in society. It sees two gendered narratives and their consequences through characters who are sometimes loved and many times hated for their actions. This grey zone makes them realistic and helps us realize their true potential. Despite being a fast-paced thriller, it does not miss out on the elements of emotions, parenting, and bonding. It explores concepts around self-love, confidence, and blackmailing through an unhinged lens. While we are unsure about Mask Girl coming back for a season 2, we are sure about the impact it has left on its audiences.

Where to watch Mask Girl Season 2?

The show can be viewed on Netflix. The first season has seven episodes divided into three parts and spread across the seven episodes, showing interconnected stories with watching time of over an hour each. The second season will have a similar format and the same streaming platform.