Narco Saints Season 2: What we know so far

Narco Saints Season 2: Here’s all you can expect about this Netflix K-Drama
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Is Narco Saints Season 2 renewed? Read on to find out.

Written and directed by Yoon Jong Bin, this South Korean crime-thriller series is based on true events that take place in South America. The exponential success of Narco Saints season 1, starring Park Hea Soo, has left all its fans wondering for the second season. Originally titled The Accidental Narco, Narco Saints follows the life of a drug lord who has managed to gain the attention of the National Intelligence Service, who takes the help of a commonplace entrepreneur who finds himself ensnared in the world of a drug crime, his fault being his ambition to make a fortune in Suriname.

If you’re unversed with the show, check out its trailer below:

Narco-Saints | Official Trailer | Netflix

Has Narco Saints renewed for a second season?

There has been no official renewal update regarding Narco Saints Season 2 as of now. It seems that Netflix is still monitoring the performance of the series, which takes into consideration a variety of factors, including total hours viewed, whether the series has been featured in the global top ten, and, if yes, how much time has it been featured for and the cost of a second season.

As of now, the series is reportedly performing well, with a total of 62,650,000 million hours viewed in its second week. It has surprisingly surpassed the popular K-drama series Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

What can you expect in Narco Saints Season 2?

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When it comes to renewing Narco Saints for a second season, a lot of viewers would want to watch their favorite characters on screen, regardless of the show being based on true events. However, many do contend that the show ended up tying pretty much all the ends in conclusion. With the plummet of the drug lord Yohwan in alliance with the NIS and the DEA, Kang finally returned home and started working as a mechanic. Agent Chang-Oh offered him two karaoke bars in exchange for his service. However, Kang refused to receive them.

To Kang’s dismay, Chang-Oh informs him that NIS will never openly acknowledge his involvement in the take-down of the drug lord Yo-hwan. If Netflix renews the second season of Narco Saints, the writers will have to show Kang’s continued involvement with the NIS, which can later transform him into an undercover agent for catching more drug rings and criminal organizations.

If not this, the second season could also be completely unrelated to the first season, where Chang Ho, whose role has been reprised by Park Hae Soo, could be found in another part of the globe, unraveling other drug rings and criminal activities that are completely unassociated with the first season.

Regardless of the plot, you stay tuned for more renewal and release date updates on Narco Saints Season 2!