NCIS Season 20: How many episodes are there in the new season?

NCIS Season 20: Everything you need to know before the new season premieres

This American police procedural drama television series has got all its fans wondering about the episode count that its upcoming season, season 20 of NCIS, will have. NCIS or Naval Criminal Investigative Service is the primary federal law enforcement agency of the United States Department of the Navy that follows the life of a fictional team of Special Agents of the Major Case Response Team, investigating any criminal activity involving the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps and their families.

For those unversed, the team in the show is based at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC, and led by Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a former United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Scout Sniper.

Ever since the premiere of its nineteenth season on September 20, 2021, on CBS and its concluding 21st episode on May 23, 2022, everyone has been wondering about the episode count of the upcoming season.

How many episodes will NCIS Season 20 constitute?

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Knowing the episode count of a show is of paramount importance since the number of episodes will help the show’s fans reckon for how long they will be able to see their favorite characters on screen. Not only that, but knowing the episode count also helps in calculating how many breaks the show will ensue. Since CBS schedules the first and the final episode airing, it becomes easier to know when will the next season premiere. Thus, it becomes imperative to know how many episodes NCIS 20 will have.

Normally, NCIS airs 22-24 episodes in one season. However, in a couple of years, owing to the pandemic lockdown, the norm has changed. For instance, in March 2020, CBS had to air a shorter-than-planned NCIS season. Consequently, the upcoming seasons were also shorter than the previous ones.

However, with things quite in place right now, most of the shows are expected to stream the optimal amount of episodes they used t stream before the pandemic. Although NCIS was not able to stream the normal amount of episodes in season 19, the show is expected to do so in season 20. The upcoming season is all set to stream 22 episodes. Sometimes, producing for 24 episodes also puts a lot of pressure on the show’s creators and developers; that’s why a lot of productions don’t opt for this episode count anymore.

With that said, NCIS Season 20 premiered on Monday, September 19, on CBS. You can watch it on Paramount+.