NCIS Season 21: Will there be any major crossover events?

How many episodes will be in NCIS Season 21?
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“I  heard that, DiNozzo! Another wiseass comment like that and I will slap you so hard your grandchildren will feel it! Do you think that’s funny, McGee? Wipe that smile off your face!”

One thing about the long-running shows is they feed fans with some major crossovers that, by the end of which, we keep wanting more! Since 2003, NCIS has taken a constant role in our life. The police-military shows are now again in the news, but for different reasons. Well, the pressure is immense to fulfill audience demands for a crossover in NCIS Season 21.

First, all the best to production houses. Secondly, best wishes to the fans who are going to get hit with the reality after reading this article. Fandoms have gone a little bit crazy after the previous season finale aired, and to handle that, they are asking all types of questions. To cure that, we are here with some rational answers that you all need. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Is NCIS Season 21 canceled?

Will there be any major Crossover Events in NCIS Season 21?

Before we start digging further to find out our answers, let’s take a moment to appreciate the crew who made the series possible. All thanks to Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill for creating this amazing show. We should also thank CBS for being its trustworthy network since the beginning. We shouldn’t forget the amazing cast members who made their characters memorable. Now that we are done with gratitude we should discuss the real reason for which we are gathered here, that is, NCIS Season 21.

Since the long history of several crossovers, fans are curious to know if we’ll get another major crossover in the upcoming season. Let’s start from the beginning. NCIS is one of the longest-running shows. Because of this, it has several spin-offs. Whether it’s NCIS: Los Angeles or NCIS: Hawaii, our top series remains the same.

Will CBS bring back NCIS and NCIS Hawai’i in the fall of 2023?

However, fans have grown an adoration towards the crossovers, especially after the major crossover in the twentieth season. One significant thing we would like to clear up is that it is not necessary that crossovers happen between two shows only. NCIS made a three-way crossover possible by bringing NCIS, NCIS: Hawaii, and NCIS: Los Angeles together.

The crossover will center around “a high-stakes case to take down a hitman. Team members from the different NCIS divisions will come together in Washington, D.C., to celebrate a FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) professor who taught multiple members from each squad. On the eve of the celebration, the professor is found dead of an apparent suicide, and his former students immediately suspect foul play.”

While we can take all the time to appreciate the binge-worthy crossovers, do you all know how much pre-planning and hard work is behind it? Matching the schedules, getting actors on board, writers struggling to make a flexible script, and the crew working overtime. Every struggle behind the scenes is measured by the audience’s adoration. Now, fans have high expectations from NCIS Season 21 major crossovers. As much as we would like that, it seems highly unlikely to happen. Hear us, our folks!

NCIS Season 21 Release Date: Will it arrive in January 2024?

The Hollywood entertainment industry is already shaken up by the ongoing strikes. Let’s not forget WGA( Writers Guild of America) and SAG-AFTRA strikes are gaining momentum day by day. With such a fierce rise that several production houses have pushed a pause button on work, it seems unlikely that the writers or actors will be left with any energy for NCIS Season 21 major crossovers, especially since these sorts of things are typically planned far in advance.

Sadly, we haven’t heard any news from the network after NCIS Season 21 renewal in February 2023. It’s a hard time to even prepare a filming schedule for a single show, and how the production houses are gonna fulfill audience demand for crossover. Maybe with time, we might get a major crossover in NCIS Season 21. However, currently, let’s just take it step by step and hope for its release soon. Until then, allow us to keep you all posted and enjoy the previous season’s trailer.