New Study Reveals High BP Medications Totally Safe For Covid-19 Patients

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A number of healthcare professionals have raised serious concerns that Medications for High Blood Pressure is not safe for patients suffering from Covid-19 Pandemic. However, the new study reveals that high blood pressure medications do not cause any negative impact and are totally safe for patients suffering from Covid-19 Pandemic.

According to the details released by the PR Newswire News Agency, the research was published online in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study was launched in response by the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association and the Heart Failure Society of America.

Associate Director of Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center at NYU Langone Health, Harmony Reynolds said, “With nearly half of American adults having high blood pressure, and heart disease patients more vulnerable to COVID-19, understanding the relationship between these commonly used medications and COVID-19 was a critical public health concern.”

The researcher had identified the patients that are diagnosed with positive Covid-19 pandemic. The research team extracted medical reports of all the patients discretely needed for the analysis. The extracted report was then compared with the results of untreated and treated patients.

“Our findings should reassure the medical community and patients about the continued use of these commonly prescribed medications, which prevent potentially severe heart events in their own right,” Reynolds further added.

Harold Snyder Family Professor of Medicine and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences at NYU Langone Health, Judith Hochman said, “Before our study, there were no experimental or clinical data demonstrating the consequences of using these medications one way or the other in people at risk for COVID-19.”

“In terms of next steps, our plan is to use similar approaches to investigate other medications and their relationship to COVID-19 illness,” Judith Hochman further added.

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