Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Release Date Updates: All you need to know

our flag means death 2
Credits: HBO

The pride flag looks so pretty and wholesome, isn’t it? The way it lights up our roads with colors, how it is an indicator of progress and liberation, and how it works as a reminder to everyone who once struggled and continues to struggle today. But how were LGBTQ+ relationships back in the era of pirates? What were the customs followed, and was it really seen as a sin?

Our Flag Means Death is a quirky title that explores the idea of inequality based on sexuality by showing positive relationships with a fun plot. It allows everyone to take an important message with power-packed laughter.

After the show’s enormous success back in March 2022, the show was renewed for a season 2 in June 2022, the pride month worldwide. Now that the release is around the corner, here is all you need to know about David Jenkins-directed Our Flag Means Death Season 2.

When will Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Release?

Our Flag Means Death trailer relase date Taika Waititi HBO Max
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The show is known for its surprising nature and likes to conceal details till the last minute to engage the audience further. The show is set to release this October, but no specific date has been given yet.

Why the title Our Flag Means Death?

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Credits: HBO

The title is witty and gets the audience thinking. While in a literal sense, it refers to the power and prowess of Pirates and their ships identified by their distinct flags, Our Flag Means Death can refer to the levels of danger that Stede and his crew offer. But in a deeper meaning, it can subtly refer to the pride flag and how its acceptance amongst an uncertain land of pirates can mean death.

Cast of Our Flag Means Death Season 2:

The same cast is back to make you laugh till your stomach hurts. With a witty sense of humor and indirect crude references-Rhys Darby(Stede Bonnet), Taika Waititi(Captain), Vico Ortiz(Jim), and Joel Fry(Frenchie) are back in lead roles as pirates along with all the accompanying cast.  We also see new entries, namely:

  • Minnie Driver
  • Ruibo Qian
  • Madeleine Sami
  • Anapela Polataivao

All their roles are still a secret.

Expected Plot of Our Flag Means Death Season 2:

Our Flag Means Death trailer relase date Taika Waititi HBO Max

The second season will revolve around Stede and Ed’s relationship. It will see their cute cold war towards each other and not giving in to each other’s feelings due to responsibilities and ego. The fans eagerly wait for Stede and Ed to make it official while enjoying Jim and Frenchie’s jokes on the side platter. There are chances of surprise elements in the form of a new cast coming in to allow this couple to reconcile. The process of coming out begins with acceptance, and for Stede to accept himself is the first step to acknowledging his feelings towards Ed. Considering the time period and toxic masculinity towards men, he always feels set back.

Official Trailer and Announcement of Our Flag Means Death Season 2:

While there is no official trailer yet, constant updates on the season keep the fans hooked. The first look of the show came out earlier this month, thus giving fans the idea that the show is not too far away.

Recap of Our Flag Means Death Season 1:

Our Flag Means Death | Trailer

The first season saw Stede and Ed being separated after they confessed how they felt so strongly about each other. Despite being hurt after the separation, Stede goes back to his wife and children to confess and know how to proceed. A closure is what he deserves, is the recurrent thought Stede has. He was seen on his boat coming to rescue Revenge Crew, who were stranded on an island. Ed is full of ego and fears losing his image by changing his name to Kraken after what  Steded did before running away. Stede, Jim, and Frenchie now control the Revenge Ship and prepare themselves for further adventures in the ocean of possibilities.

Where to watch Our Flag Means Death Season 2?

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 will stream officially on Max and can be watched with a subscription.