Party Down Season 3 Episode 3: What we know so far

Party Down season 3: What to expect?
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“The Only Way I’m Googling You In Ten Years Is If You Get Very Creative In The Way That You Kill Yourself.”

The comedy-drama is back with another season & fans can’t stop buzzing about it! Thanks to John Enbom, Rob Thomas, Dan Etheridge, and Paul Rudd for creating such a hilarious sitcom. Party Down is an American Sitcom networking on Starz since March 20, 2009. However, after some affecting critics, the show got paused on June 30, 2010. After the surprising revival of the series on November 2021, the third season premiered on February 24, 2023. Let’s dig further to recall Party Down Season 3!

In the starting, we follow a Los Angeles catering team for the titular company. Aspiring Hollywood actors and writers are doing small-time catering gigs until some positive change in their lives. Each episode revolved around the team and a new event which ultimately got tangled up with colorful guests & their absurd lives. Party Down Season 3 is the same except for some original shifts due to the break between the two seasons. 

What has happened in Party Down Season 3 till now?

The show has progressed a lot after the 12 years break. Henry Pollard in a pink bow tie is when the party gets started. The series is all about how seriously fun catering can be, thanks to the current cast for showing us. We have seen Henry back on the job for a third time after chasing stardom for 20 years. We also saw how Ron is fussing about the last-minute preparations for the party with the hostess. We also saw how he braces himself, pops a few pills, and gets down to business. 

The first season is all about Rom and Roman still working for the company while catering to Kyle’s celebration part for being cast as the superhero Necromancer. However, his plans go south when an old video widespread loses his part. While Ron was hopeful for his business, God slap him with the rising COVID-19 pandemic news. The second episode took place a year later. COVID-19 is under control & the business takes off again, but not before Kyle and Henry join again. After Henry finalized his divorce. Both episodes have reached our expectations & we are expecting more from the upcoming episode. 

When will Party Down Season 3 episode 3 be released?

After Casey finally got her big break on Saturday Night Live and become a movie star, Caplan said goodbye to her role in the Party Down series. Roman is jealous of her success, while Henry is happy for her despite their relationship in the first two seasons. We were upset about not having Casey for Henry, but the writers gave us a new love interest for him. Evie, the film producer, has broken up with her jerk boyfriend. In Party Down Season 3 Episode 3, First Annual PI2A Symposium, we might see Ron booking an event for the group, but ending up creating more complications.


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Desperation to keep Party Down business afloat, members are going to suffer, while we laugh our asses off. The latest episode is expected to air on March 10, 2023, on Starz. In the Insta reel posted on the official handle of the series, we saw in 30 seconds how the cast summed up their character’s life from the end of the second season to the beginning of the third. Although, some new faces are also added to the main caste. We’ll welcome them while expecting the unexpected!