PELMO Online Language Proficiency Test Provides Solution To The Covid-19 Problem

PELMO (Proof Of English Language Master Online), a leading English language proficiency test provides a solution to one of the problems faced by the students during the Covid-19 lockdown. According to the details released by the PR Newswire News Agency, the PELMO English assessment test can be possible during the covid-19 self-isolation.

It is a basic requirement that non-native speakers of English must comply with the admission criteria of post-secondary institutions in all English speaking countries. One of such requirements is to give proof of their English proficiency via a test.

Chief Executive Officer and President of PELMO International, Tanya Davis said, “There are hundreds of thousands of applications from international students to colleges and universities in North America every year, and most need to provide proof of English before they can be admitted.”

“Keeping students motivated and focused on their programs while dealing with the negative ramifications of social distancing is likely to provide them with a better state of mental health. And even though most programs are now temporarily online, the value of the education is not reduced,” PELMO Boss Tanya Davis further added.

“The negative financial impact due to lower enrollment in post-secondary programs is in danger of crippling many institutions. The PELMO assessment could help those students with strong English skills to begin their programs without having to defer until 2021,” Tanya continued.

Sharing her thought that PELMO is quite different from other English Assessment, Tanya Davis said, “I want to help the nervous test-takers achieve a score that reflects their English language proficiency. In my work in the English as a second language sector over the past 23 years, I have witnessed numerous students with strong English language skills who are not able to achieve the required scores due to test related stress.”

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