Pinecone and Pony: Release date, trailer, cast and latest updates

Pinecone and Pony

Put your hands, hooves, wings, and whatever together for your guests of honor, Pinecone and Pony.

Apple TV has recently released the trailer of its upcoming animated series, Pinecone and Pony and it is just making us go ‘Aww’. 

The series is inspired by the Kate Beaton book The Princess and the Pony which follows a young girl who dreams to be a warrior.

Here is everything we know so far about the cute animated series Pinecone and Pony: 

Pinecone and Pony Release Date

Pinecone and Pony
Credits: Apple TV

Pinecone & Pony will be released on Applet TV+ on April 8, 2022. 

Pinecone and Pony Trailer

The trailer shows all the entities and hurdles Pinecone and Pony will come face to face with throughout their adventure including monsters with tentacles, rock giants, trolls, super dangerous bridges, and green flames which means a DRAGON!

But eventually what stole the show was Pony’s ‘tough face’ which can actually make the toughest of people get a tickle in the stomach. The adorable style of animation, impeccably written dialogues, and the thoughts and lessons behind it, all of it is going to make this family series a total hit. 

Pinecone & Pony — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Pinecone and Pony Plot

The story follows Pinecone and her pony and their adventures in the medieval world. The trailer doesn’t show how the two met but as per the book it is based on, Pinecone asked for a warhorse as a birthday gift but instead got a pony. Though she was disappointed at first, she and the Pony started to get along and understand each other. 

The plot focuses is set in the medieval era and that was a time when the social convention made girls the home-makers, not horse-riders and adventurers. Somehow this series sheds light on the fact that there’s nothing that can stop one from achieving what they want if they have enough will and confidence to do so. This fact is subtle in the storyline but it is there and clearly can not be avoided.

Pinecone and Pony Cast

Pinecone and Pony
Credits: Apple TV
  • Maria Nash

Maria Nash is known for titles like Polar (2019), The Banana Splits Movie (2019), and Little Lights (2018).

  • Alicia Richardson 

She has been a part of projects like Private Eyes by Global, Ready or Not by Fox Searchlight, American Woman by CBC Films/ Telefilm Canada, and Judas Noir by Obsidian Theatre / BDB Productions.

  • Andy Hull

Hull is a musician, singer, and songwriter. He is also the co-president of Manchester Orchestra’s label, Favorite Gentlemen.

  • Rachel House

Rachel is an actress, director, and acting coach for New Zealand. She has given her voice in well-known animated movies like Moana (2016), Soul (2020), Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016), Back to the Outback (2021), etc. 

  • Thom Allison 

Thom is a Canadian actor and is well known for his roles in films like Killjoys (2015), Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) and Odd Squad (2014).

  • Chase W. Dillon

Chase is a child actor and has been a part of titles like The Harder They Fall (2021), The Underground Railroad (2021), and First Wives Club (2019).

  • Viola Abley

Viola is another child actor with experience ranging from feature film, short film, commercial, voice-over, to TV projects. She is known for her work in Noelle (2019), Schmigadoon! (2021), and Scaredy Cats (2021).