Psychedelics Offers New Frontier For MedicalHealth Professionals

The psychedelic Drug is designed to treat depression. Furthermore, such drugs have also proven their worth in treating the dependence of alcohol, chronic PTSD and dependence of nicotine among patients. According to data published by Data Bridge Market Research, the use of the Psychedelic is expected to grow with a CAGR of 16.3% in the year of 2020-27. Furthermore, the overall market of the medicine expected to grow from $2 Billion to $6.86 Billion by 2027.

President of Aster Farms, Sam Ludwig said, “CBD has a number of known properties beneficial to the human condition, and research is just beginning,” Aster Farms President Sam Ludwig told Civilized. “There are two markets for CBD: as a supplement, mild pain reliever and relaxant, and in larger doses, as a truly beneficial remedy for a variety of serious illnesses. There is no doubt it will be a dominant supplement for years to come.”

“CBD-heavy flower can be a very effective relaxant for both mind and body. However, people looking for CBD only will find the cleanest and most focused relief in the form of tinctures and capsules. We think the CBD flower market is a trend and will give way to the more concentrated forms. Like an Omega-3 for the body and mind,” Sam Ludwig further added.

Chief Executive officer of Mydeline, Josh Bartch said, ‘We see this agreement as a core component of our work as a company,’ says Mydedine CEO Josh Bartch, ‘the API team at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences gives us the ability to rocket our product development ahead by years, providing the know-how, facilities, and licenses to quickly establish Mydecine as a leader in naturally sourced therapies for a wide variety of indications.”

“The research division also provides a phenomenal synergy with our other recent acquisitions, giving us a dedicated team to explore myco-inspired treatments particularly for areas of high need such as mental health.” Josh Batch further added.

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