Quarterback Season 2: Everything you need to know

Quarterback Season 2

Netflix is always open to experimentation and comes up with quality content to surprise its fans from across genres. Only recently has Netflix ventured into sports-related dramas, thrillers, talk shows, and docuseries to allow audiences a chance to know their favorite icons through a new lens. Though many sports, like Cricket, have not gotten into this completely, Football and Basketball have been quite responsive.

One such show that made its premiere in 2023 was Quarterback. A docuseries based on the Quarterbacks of the Kansas City Chiefs from the 2022 NFL season. After the show got much due love, fans and makers are looking forward to a second season. The question remains-Is there a second season? Let us delve deeper.

Is Quarterback Season 2 Renewed?

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Until now, Netflix has not officially updated or provided an announcement stating the renewal of Quarterback Season 2. However, a statement by the former NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning, also the creator of the show, stated that the work on a new season has begun post-approval from Netflix. His official quote in the show read, “Season 2 has been greenlit by Netflix, we’re excited, we’re hoping for more quarterbacks, it’s easier to say yes. I don’t want to hear ‘It’s going to be a distraction’ because that’s not true, Patrick Mahomes proved that Kirk Cousins proved that, and Marcus, the way he handled that, proved that. We’re hoping that guys after seeing it say this is going to be a cool thing that I can show to my kids when I’m older, show to my grandkids one day. Hopefully the pitch will be easier.”

Quarterback Season 2 Release Date:

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The first season premiered in July 2023, and as it takes time to match schedules with all Quarterbacks, the show will not return anytime before 2024, as the show’s format will remain the same. Season 1 covered the 2022 NFL season, whereas Season 2 will cover the 2023 NFL Season. For these reasons, the show will not return before May 2024.

Quarterback Season 2 Cast:

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While Netflix is selecting Quarterbacks from 30 different teams, there are many of them coming back from the previous seasons. Here is a tentative list of who can make it to season 2.

  • Will Levis from Tennessee Titans
  • Kyle Trask from Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Trey Lance from San Francisco 49ers
  • Kenny Pickett from Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Aaron Rodgers from New York Jets
  • Derek Carr from New Orleans Saints
  • Mac Jones from New England Patriots
  • Justin Herbert from Los Angeles Chargers
  • Anthony Richardson from Indianapolis Colts
  • CJ Stroud from Houston Texans
  • Jordan Love from Green Bay Packers
  • Jordan Love from Green Bay Packers
  • Jared Goff from Detroit Lions
  • Russell Wilson from Denver Broncos
  • Deshaun Watson from Cleveland Browns
  • Bryce Young from Carolina Panthers
  • Josh Allen from Buffalo Bills
  • Kyler Murray from Arizona Cardinals
  • Desmond Ridder from Atlanta Falcons

How many episodes are there in Quarterback Season 2?

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Season 2 is expected to have eight episodes like the previous season. Based on the number of players and the success, the episodes can increase to accommodate Netflix’s experimental nature. More episodes can also mean more watch time. But this only time can tell.

Has Quarterback Season 2 begun filming?

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The NFL 2023 season is beginning on September 7th, 2023, so the show shall begin filming at the end of August or the first week of September.

Quarterback Season 2 Expected Plot:

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The second season will look at over 30 players from the NFL 2023 season, along with players from last season and former players, who bond over their love for the sport and share some personal experiences on camera.

Is there a trailer for Quarterback Season 2?

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There has been no official confirmation or renewal of season 2 yet. While players like Daniel Jones are openly denying being cast in season 2, we do not have a trailer yet to know further.

Recap of Quarterback Season 1:

Quarterback Season 1 Trailer

Quarterback Season 1 looked at various players from the NFL 2022 season, as well as former players and their love for the sport, by converting the season to a docuseries with well-curated interviews.