Recorded Future Ranked World’s Best SaaS Company By Generating $100M In Annual Recurring Revenue

Recorded Future, a global security intelligence provider, as announced on Wednesday that the company has been ranked by SaaS as World’s most successful company by generating $100M in Annual Recurring Revenue. According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the company has achieved this milestone short after the announcement of the Security Intelligence Platform, a platform responsible to provide IT professional with targeted intelligence so that they can focus on business outcomes.

Boss of Recorded Future, Dr. Christopher Ahlberg said, “From day one, we set out to build an intelligence company with a flexible, action-oriented platform at its center, designed to scale with security teams and respond to a rapidly changing threat landscape.”

“Today’s COVID-19 crisis is an incredible example of just how quickly teams must be enabled to pivot and respond to a new environment at a moment’s notice. Reaching this milestone validates our mission to deliver intelligence to all security and IT professionals and enable fast, confident decision-making,” Alhberg further added.

Vice President Insight Partners, Thomas Krane said, “Reaching $100 million in ARR confirms Recorded Future’s vision and desire to democratize security intelligence — putting meaningful, real-time context in the hands of all defenders — including security and IT professionals that extend beyond the historical consumers of threat intelligence. We are impressed to witness Recorded Future respond quickly to the needs of its clients, no matter how unexpectedly the threat landscape evolves, most recently demonstrated by the team’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.”

The company is best known to provide critical intelligence that enables its clients to quickly understand the threat threshold. In line with the recent Covid-19 crisis, the company has released several published reports and product enhancements. With the help of this report, client can now easily asses the cyber threats, fraud and to prevent the possible attach by using the covid-19 related domains.

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