Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8: Release date, promo, plot, cast and more updates

Saints & Sinners Season 7
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Know everything about Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8, which is all set to premiere this weekend. Continue reading to learn more.

Saints & Sinners is a prime-time American television soap opera. The drama is set in a huge Southern church that revolves around the quest for power, which is complicated by greed, deception, corruption, compromising sexual encounters, and murder. Moreover, Saints & Sinners season 6 will be the final season of the franchise. 

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8: Release date, promo, plot, cast and more updates
Credit: Bounce Tv

Fans have been following the series for a long time and it’s sad to say goodbye to these cherished characters who have become a part of their life. As the season has finally reached its conclusion, we’ve assembled information on everything you need to know about the official release date, plot, and cast, which will undoubtedly prepare you for the final episode. Continue reading to learn more about Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8.

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8 Release Date

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8, My Soul To Take, is set to premiere on Sunday, May 22, 2022, at 8:00 PM ET time slot on the Bounce TV channel. It is counted as the final episode out of the 8 episodes season. The episode has a runtime of 41- 42 mins. 

Take a look at the official post for the finale episode as shared by BounceTv, quoting, “We warned you we are going out with a BANG. Don’t miss the twists and turns in the season finale of #SaintsAndSinners THIS Sunday at 8/7c on @bouncetv.”


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Here’s the complete episode guide for you to understand the series’ schedule and plan ahead to watch the next episode.

  • S6E1: Fruit Of The Vine – April 3, 2022
  • S6E2: The Truth Won’t Set You Free – April 10, 2022
  • S6E3: Oedipus Rex – April 17, 2022
  • S6E4: Kill Or Be Killed – April 24, 2022
  • S6E5: A New Dawn – May 1, 2022
  • S6E6: I Did It To Survive – May 8, 2022
  • S6E7: Deliver Us From Ella – May 15, 2022
  • S6E8: My Soul To Take – May 22, 2022

What to expect in Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8? 

Saints and Sinners Season 6 is the last and final season of the hit original drama series. This season promises to be explosive. Themes like crime, ambition, and treachery will put the character’s commitment to the test. The finale is just around the corner, and the fandom can’t wait to watch how the plot unfolds in the following episodes and what will happen in the final episode.

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8: Release date, promo, plot, cast and more updates
Credit: Bounce Tv

*Spoilers Ahead*

The official synopsis of Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8 states, “Everything is on the line as the citizens of Cypress fight to survive.” The title of the episode doesn’t indicate the potential plotlines of the episode nor does the synopsis give the viewers a brief inside about the episode details. So, it is very difficult to anticipate the events for Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8 as there is little to no information shared about the upcoming final episode. 

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8: Release date, promo, plot, cast and more updates
Credit: Bounce Tv

Moreover, there are no potential spoilers circulating on social media that may give us a hint about the plot. As a result, viewers will only be able to interpret the plot when the episode airs, which is a good thing because viewers should be able to construct and guess about plotlines without knowing the real story ahead of time. This adds to the excitement of watching the series.

However, if you’re curious about the storyline possibilities for the next episode, we may assume that the series will continue the plot lines from the previous episode titled, Deliver Us From Ella, which was released on May 15, 2022. The episode is directed by Russ Parr and written by Francisco J. Bustamante. It is the 7th episode of the 8-episode season. 

The viewers got to see how the plot expanded and the story continues when the episode begins with Ella fleeing with a pregnant Angela to avoid arrest, but she manages to get away. Ella has visions of Noah St. Cloud in the church as she unravels. Christie is kidnapped by Dr. Ross. Ana turns on Kendrick. Tamara arrives to help Miles, but Josie overwhelms her and joins him in fleeing.

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8: Release date, promo, plot, cast and more updates
Credit: Bounce Tv

Moreover, Levi is betrayed by Ray-Ray. Josie and Miles almost collide with Angela, causing Angela to go into labor and Josie to die. Rex assists Ella in escaping, but Ray-Ray and his henchmen pursue them, forcing the two to prepare for one final fight. These events will lead to the final episode, which will bring the story to a satisfying conclusion and bid farewell to these cherished characters as the viewers are really excited to see how everything unfolds. 

Some of the fan’s reactions to Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 7

Take a look at the exclusive BTS featurette shared by the official BounceTv Twitter page, quoting, “ As we wrap up the #SaintsAndSinners final season, you know we had to sit down with the dapper @ChristianKeyes. Watch as he talks about the evolution of Levi Sterling, his favorite memories, and more in this behind-the-scenes exclusive!”

Also, check out this exclusive interview with Jasmine Burke where she explains her character, stating, “Changing lives is Dr. Christie Johnson’s specialty. In this EXCLUSIVE interview, the lovely @TheJasmineBurke reflects on the evolution of her character and more.”

Sinners Season 6 Cast 

The main cast of the series includes:

  • Vanessa Bell Calloway as Lady Ella Johnson
  • Christian Keyes as Levi Sterling 
  • Jasmine Burke as Dr. Christie Johnson
  • Clifton Powell as Rex Fisher
  • Keith Robinson as Miles Calloway
  • J. D. Williams as Jabari Morris
  • David Banner as Pastor Darryl Greene
  • Tray Chaney as Kendrick Murphy
  • Ashani Roberts as Tamara Austin/Tamara Austin Callaway
  • Lisa Arrindell as Rebecca Jourdan
  • Emilio Rivera as Officer Francisco Cooper
  • Afemo Omilami as Detective Noah St. Charles
  • Donna Biscoe as Lady Leona Byrd

Some of the recurring cast of the series include:

  • Dawn Halfkenny as Angela Parks
  • Jonny Hazen as Vice Det. Mario Rodriguez
  • Kendrick Cross as Ben Truman
  • Chris Gann as Travis Ford
  • Sarafina King Rachel
  • Maria Howell as Lt. Hawkins
  • Tony Vaughn as Vernon
  • Richard Lawson as Pastor Evan Johnson
  • Summer Parker as Savannah Sterling
  • Jeff Rose as Chief Herman Douglas
  • Neil Carter as Maxwell Wallace
  • Karlie Redd as Paige Morris
Saints & Sinners Season 6 Episode 8: Release date, promo, plot, cast and more updates
Credit: Bounce Tv

Where to watch Saints & Sinners Season 6? 

The series is presently available for viewing on Amazon Prime, Bounce TV (US), and Hulu Plus, depending on the viewers’ location and membership plans which the user’s can choose from to renew their accounts and stream the series for the finale episode. 

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Official Trailer

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Saints & Sinners Season 6 Official Synopsis 

The official synopsis of the series states, “On the heels of last season’s organ ring, season 6 of Saints & Sinners sees former Mayor Ella Johnson stepping into a new role as Special Prosecutor leading a task force to take down those responsible. Unfortunately, that puts her family members, the dastardly duo of Lady Leona Byrd and Dr. Christie Johnson, directly in her sights.”

Seasons 1-5 of Saints & Sinners are available on Brown Sugar, Bounce’s SVOD service, with final-season episodes being released every Monday after their television premiere.