Selling Sunset Season 7 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023

Selling Sunset Season 7 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023

Selling Sunset is not just a virtuoso in selling real estate or even sunsets for that matter; it has strategically transcended the heights of capitalizing on the infamous catfights among grown-up women. From Chrishell Stause’s feud with the season debut cast member Nicole Young to Chelsea Lazkani’s beef with Bre Tiesi, Selling Sunset season 6 gave all the rollercoaster vibes.

Premiered on Netflix on May 19th, 2023, the series ended on a note of high tension, indubitably leaving the viewers with a craving for more. The good news is we won’t have to wait for season 7 as long as we had to wait for season 6.

The major changes that lay in the wake of season 5, including the introduction of some new faces and the replacement of the old ones, will come to complete fruition in season 7. Christine Quinn, who left the show after season 5, expressed her aversion to being portrayed as the villain in the series in conversation with Savannah Chrisley’s Unlocked. She said, “I was on my own island. It was very unfair. It was disgusting, it was vile.”

That being said, Chrisley has left the show once and for all. Although she won’t be returning for the seventh season of Selling Sunset, the new season still promises a lot of drama, both in real estate and the cast’s personal relationships.

For those unversed, Selling Sunset underscores real-estate agents who belong to Oppenheim Group, which is run by brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim. The siblings hire beautiful and ambitious women as high-end real estate agents whose main job is to sell luxury properties in Los Angeles. The core faces include former soap opera star Chrishell Stause, bubbly blonde Heather El Moussa, and the series villain Christine Quinn, who as mentioned above, won’t be returning this season.

But this season, unfortunately won’t reportedly return to Netflix in August 2023. Here’s why.

Selling Sunset: Season 6 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset season 7 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023

Selling Sunset Season 7: Here’s everything we know so far
Credits: Netflix

The Emmy-nominated Netflix docusoap was renewed for seasons 6 and 7 simultaneously in June 2022. Additionally, the streaming giant also revealed that the productions on both seasons were slated to begin that summer. The official press release made by Netflix Tudum reads:

“Creator and executive producer Adam DiVello’s reality series has been renewed for two more seasons, with production starting this summer. Following one of the top real estate agencies in the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip, the series showcases some of LA’s most luxurious homes — as well as The O Group agents’ through-the-roof drama.”

On May 19, the former season was made available for streaming on the official streamer. Although the release date for season 7 is not yet announced, filming is reportedly underway. Even though WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes won’t affect the production of this reality show significantly, we suspect the seventh installment of this show to not hit the streaming giant before Fall 2023.

Surprisingly, in March 2023, Chrishell Stause commented that she was not enjoying filming the new episodes of Selling Sunset. According to Us Weekly, the agent shared an Instagram story wherein she wrote, “The way reality TV producers manipulate things to create a narrative… Sucks to not be able to be proud of what you’re working on.” Not only that, but the realtor even tagged the production company behind Selling Sunset, posting a slew of trash cans and snake emojis.

What can we expect to happen in Selling Sunset season 7?

Selling Sunset Season 7 Latest Updates: Everything we know so far about the reality television series

If you mean what can happen apart from the jaw-dropping real estate skirmish and the romantic drama, then let me tell you, there is a lot!

Previously, in season 6, the viewers caught a glimpse of the hot beef between new agent Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause. The row exacerbated to the next level when Stause suggested that Young was on drugs when the group journeyed towards Palm Springs. To prove Stause wrong, Young immediately undertook a drug test affirming that she hadn’t taken any illegal substances. In season 6, Young was also seen consulting a lawyer, hinting that this serious altercation would culminate into a serious fight in season 7.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Stause commented on Young’s behavior, saying it was purely for the cameras. She said, “It’s an old playbook. I’ve seen it before. I’ve dealt with it before. You’re coming at me, that didn’t work, and now all of a sudden you’re the victim that’s going to act like you’re getting bullied.”

Prepare yourself for some serious Stause-Young drama! Things are about to get hot in season 7.

If you think that it is too tacky for you, then don’t worry because Bre Tiesi and Chelsea Lazkani’s unresolved issues might make things even more interesting. Who would want to miss Lazkani’s aversion to Tiesi’s relationship with Nick Cannon?

For those hoping to shed some tears over a televised wedding of Chrishell Stause and G Flip, we are sorry to inform you that does not seem to be the case in season 7. Stause shot down the idea by telling Entertainment Tonight that they wanted to “keep some stuff to ourselves.” For those unversed, Stause and G Flip tied the knot in Las Vegas.

At the end of the final episode of the sixth season, a short montage of clips was released from Selling Sunset season 7, allowing the viewers to peek inside the future of The Oppenheim Group. From heavily pregnant Heather Rae El Moussa to Amanza Smith who finds herself in the middle of a serious health crisis, season 7 will only get more interesting to watch.

Who are the cast members for Selling Sunset season 7?

Selling Sunset Season 7 Latest Updates: Everything we know so far about the reality television series

Selling Sunset season 7 will expectantly herald the return of agents Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae El Moussa, Davina Potratz, Mary Fitzgerald, Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan, and Amanza Smith, along with their bosses, Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim. In addition, the seventh season will also continue to feature the new cast members, Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young. Since Jason has moved in with his new girlfriend, Marie Lou Nark, we expect her also to be featured in future episodes of the series.

Owing to the brief appearances of Davina Potratz and Maya Vander in the sixth season, we are currently doubtful regarding their feature in the future season.

Meanwhile, Christine Quinn and Maya Vander confirmed that they would not be reprising their roles as real estate agents in the series. In May 2022, Quinn, who was projected as the series villain, told PEOPLE that she had left the Oppenheim Group following the April 2022 launch of her and her husband Christian Dumontet’s crypto real estate venture, RealOpen.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Christine Quinn put her foot down regarding her exit from the series. She said, “I would never come back in a million years. But that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna do TV anymore.”

Similarly, in the wake of launching her own real estate group in Miami under rival agency Compass, Vander confirmed that she wouldn’t be returning to the sixth season of Selling Sunset.

In addition to the above-mentioned cast, PEOPLE also confirmed that Vanessa Villela, who was featured in seasons 4 and 5, won’t be returning in the future seasons of the show. As per the outlet, “the star had not yet signed on with Netflix for the upcoming sixth and seventh seasons.”

Selling Sunset Season 7 Latest Updates: Everything we know so far about the reality television series

The star is reportedly under the stress of coming back to the show. Although she would like to come back and showcase her wedding, she is hesitant owing to the arrival of the new realtors.

Surprisingly, El Moussa’s ambitious streak might fade away after season 6, as she previously teased that she might not be back for season 7. In a conversation with E! News in March 2023, she said, “Season 7 is filming right now, but I’ve been off maternity leave and I’ve been excited to get back to work and so far I have not been called back. It’s been a little frustrating. So [I’m] not sure what’s been going on.”

However, Heather Rae El Moussa’s participation in the Netflix docusoap teeters on edge, owing to her new HGTV show, The Flipping El Moussas, as opined by Brett Oppenheim. In a conversation with E! News, Brett said, “I think it’s TBD. I think for now she’s able to do both… I don’t get involved in the futures of the agents… I know she’s still going to be at The Oppenheim Group. I think that’s with her and production and Netflix and all that.”

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