Shetland Season 7: Renewal status and more updates on BBC One crime drama

Shetland Season 7
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DI Jimmy Perez: I’m not gonna lie to you, Duncan. Watching you live your life is like watching Scotland try to qualify for the World Cup, It’s frustrating. Embarrassing. At times excruciating. But ultimately, I live in hope that you’ll get there in the end.

Duncan Hunter: How many World Cups do you think we’ve got left at our age? Three?

DI Jimmy Perez: Away you go. We’ve got six or seven at least.

Duncan Hunter: That’s the difference between me and you. You’re an optimist at heart.

This little conversation between Jimmy and Duncan says a lot about their bond, the ease at which find each other, Jimmy’s nature of trying to find good in everything, and more. We have seen this unusual bonding in season six of Shetland and it will continue to leave us pondering with the upcoming Season 7.

For those who don’t know, Shetland is a British crime drama that started airing on BBC One back in 2013. Since then, six seasons have already been broadcasted and Shetland Season 7 is on the way. It follows DI Jimmy Perez and his team of detectives who investigate crime and act as law enforcers on a small island of Shetland.

Here’s everything to know about Shetland Season 7:

Shetland Season 7

Shetland Season 7 Release Date

There has been no confirmation regarding the release date of the new season. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Season 6 of the series kept on delaying and came to the screens in October 2021. As per Douglas Henshall’s tweet, the filming of Shetland Season 7 started back in October 2021 so we can expect it to release sometime in 2022. 

Shetland season 7 Trailer

The trailer of the seventh season of the series hasn’t surfaced yet, but we can expect some new announcements soon. Till then here’s the trailer of Season 6 if you still haven’t watched it. 

Shetland | Trailer - BBC Trailers

Shetland season 7 Plot 

*Season 6 spoilers*

Season 6 left the viewers on a massive cliffhanger and multiple possibilities of how the story pans out in the next season. By the end of the season, DI Jimmy Perez and Duncan Hunter got arrested based on suspicion of having something to do with Donna Killick’s death. Killick was an elderly cold-blooded serial killer who was the main antagonist in the fourth season. 

Duncan is the birth father of Jimmy’s step-daughter who he raised after her mother’s death. Both men had conflicting views while they co-parent their daughter but eventually bonded to everyone’s surprise. Because of that very bond, Duncan confessed to Jimmy that he helped Killick in her act of suicide when she requested him to do so. But little did they know that she wrote a letter to her lawyer before that implicating both men in her death. Duncan turned himself in, in order to save Jimmy from the whole messy situation. However, based on Killick’s letter Jimmy too got arrested.

Now with two of the main characters behind bars, the viewers are left with all the possibilities of what might happen to them in the upcoming season. Will they suffer because of Killick’s ‘posthumous’ plan for their doom? Or they’ll be able to figure a way out?

Shetland Season 7

Shetland season 7 Cast

  • DI Jimmy Perez is being played by Douglas Henshall. 

Jimmy Perez is a Detective Inspector in Shetland. He is a widower and has raised his stepdaughter on his own who moved out after one point. He has been single for a very long time due to that. He is a kind man and always tries to look for the best in people.  He knows the feeling of empathy and yet, at the end of the day finds himself alone. 

  • DS Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh is being played by Alison O’Donnell

Tosh is a Detective Sergeant and works under DI Perez. She has a very close relationship with his boss who mentors her time and again. She is smart, hardworking and ambitious, and very dedicated to her job. She was a victim of a rape attack which embedded a huge trauma in her consciousness but throughout the series we see her trying her best to recover from it. 

  • DC Sandy Wilson is being played by Steven Robertson

Sandy is a Detective Constable working under DI Perez. He is a crucial part of the team, taking into account his knowledge about the community and local area. He has a very strong opinion that the only two explanations of any action are right or wrong and nothing in between. 

  • Duncan is being played by Mark Bonnar.
  • Cassie Perez is being played by Erin Armstrong.
  • Cora McLean is being played by Anne Kidd.
  • Logan Creggan is being played by Stephen McCole.
  • Sgt Billy McCabe is being played by Lewis Howden.
  • Donnie is being played by Angus Miller.
  • Kate Kilmuir is being played by Neve McIntosh.
  • Donna Killick is being played by Fiona Bell.
  • Alex Galbraith is being played by Jim Sturgeon.
  • Eve Galbraith is being played by Cora Bissett.
  • James Perez is being played by Benny Young.
  • Carrie McAndrew is being played by Lois Chimimba.

Shetland Season 7

Where to watch Shetland?

All the seasons of Shetland are available on BBC One.

Is Shetland on Netflix?

Shetland Seasons 1 to 3 are on Netflix, however, for the rest of the seasons, it’s unclear when they will drop on the streaming platform.