SignatureMD And Paragon Collaborates In Concierge Medicine Services

SignatureMD has announced on Wednesday that it is collaborating with the Paragon Private Health to create industry’s leading Concierge Medicine Support Services. According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the company is spreading across 31 states with more than 160 affiliates primary care physicians.

Boss of SignatureMD, Matthew Jacob said, “We are proud to merge with Paragon, a leader in concierge medicine. They share our core values to always do the right thing for our affiliated physicians and members and to provide them with the highest level of service and care.”

“Combining our two companies isn’t about getting bigger, it’s about getting better and stronger together to expand our community of exceptional physicians, to serve more people looking for a closer relationship with their doctor for better health and peace of mind, and to innovate in areas like telehealth and remote monitoring to meet the emerging needs of our affiliated physicians and members.  This merger comes at an exciting time as more and more doctors are choosing SignatureMD’s flexible care model that puts them back in control without having to decide between practicing medicine on their terms and saying goodbye to thousands of their patients,” Matthew further added.

Founder of Paragon, Hiren Doshi said, “The merger of SignatureMD and Paragon brings together two industry-leading concierge medicine platforms, allowing us to better capitalize on the substantial sector growth opportunity while maintaining a high-quality service offering to our existing affiliated physicians and members.”

“The Company’s combined resources and capabilities, coupled with a track record of providing best-in-class support services, portends a sustainable and compelling growth trajectory for years to come. I have always had great respect for SignatureMD and I am excited about what we can accomplish together to improve the lives of more people,” Hiren further said. 

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