Sneakerella: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more

Credits: Disney Plus

All of us are aware of the Cinderella story, right? A young damsel in distress drowned in the responsibilities who manages to reach the ball hosted by the Prince Charming with the help of a fairy godmother’s magic. When the clock stroked 12 and the time was for the magic to wear off, she took off and, in the attempt to run faster, leaves her glass slipper behind, which the Prime Charming used to identify her. Then came the inevitable happy ending. 

Now do the gender-swapping, change the glass slipper to an impeccably designed sneaker, and you have Sneakerella. Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, this modern-day re-imagined Cinderella story is written by David Light & Joseph Raso, Tamara Chestna, Mindy Stern, and George Gore II. Excited, aren’t you?


So, here’s everything we know about Disney’s Sneakerella:

Sneakerella Release Date

Sneakerella is all set to release exclusively on Disney+ on May 13, 2022.


Sneakerella Trailer

The trailer for Sneakerella has surfaced, and the similarities to the original fairytale are pretty remarkable. The set of step-relatives, the ball, the magic, the godparent, and the shoe being left behind striking similarities. If the escalators were a thing back then, it would have been the same too, alright, just kidding. 

Sneakerella | Official Trailer | Disney+

Sneakerella Plot

El is a young boy with big dreams. He aspires to be a shoe designer, especially sneakers, even though he is gripped by his financial limit. He works as a stock boy at his deceased mother’s shoe shop, which is currently being managed by his stepfather and mishandled by his mean-hearted stepbrothers. In all the mess, El has a best friend named Sami with whom he can share everything.

The duo gets to know about the Darius King’s charity ball and decides to be a part of it. But how? they had no sufficient means to do so. There came the fairy godfather, and instead of a carriage, he gave El a car to commute. At the ball, El bumps into Kira King, Darius’ daughter and fell in love with her. And as the magic came with a deadline, he took off and in the course of events, left his shoe behind. 

Now what’s there to see is will Kira send her footmen door to door for each guy to try the shoe on, like in the original Cinderella story, or there would be something more to it.

Sneakerella Cast

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  • Chosen Jacobs plays El. El works as a stock boy in his deceased mother’s shoe store. However, he aspires to be a sneaker designer. 
  • Lexi Underwood plays Kira King. She is the daughter of Darius King and is very much independent. 
  • John Salley plays Darius King. He is a former basketball star and now owns a massive sneakers venture. 
  • Yvonne Senat Jones plays Denise King. She is Darius’ wife and Kira’s mom. 
  • Devyn Nekoda plays Sami. She is El’s best friend.
  • Juan Chioran plays Gustavo. He is El’s neighbor and quite friendly in nature. 
  • Robyn Alomar plays Liv. She is Kira’s sister.
  • Bryan Terrell Clark plays Trey. He is El’s stepfather who became responsible for the shoe store when El’s mother died. Trey is not aware of El’s aspiration. 
  • Kolton Stewart plays Zelly. He is El’s brother. 
  • Hayward Leach plays Stacy. He is another of El’s stepbrothers.
  • Elia Press plays Sneakerhead. 
  • Andrew Ward plays Sneaker Buster.
  • William Crockett plays Sneak-Disser.

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